The AX05 Floor Lift Helps Obese Patient Joe Safely Get Up from the Gro

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The AX05 Floor Lift Helps Obese Patient Joe Safely Get Up from the Ground
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The AX05 Floor Lift Helps Obese Patient Joe Safely Get Up from the Ground

My neighbor and best friend, Joe, used to be a basketball coach at a school in Miami. After retiring from the basketball team, he's been idle at home. Later on, he developed obesity and became reluctant to go out because even a short walk would drench his clothes in sweat. More importantly, obesity made Joe more prone to falling, both outdoors and indoors. This worried me and our other friends a lot.

Since developing obesity, Joe has fallen many times. Each time, he calls me, but since I can't lift him by myself, I have to call an ambulance. Additionally, while waiting for 911 to arrive, his skin often becomes red and swollen from the friction against the floor, and lying there unable to get up causes him to sweat profusely. All of this makes Joe very uncomfortable and distressed.

Maidesite AX05 Floor Lift: A Chair to Help Joe Stand Up

Therefore, we started looking for a product that could help him get up. We listed our requirements:

  • It must support at least 350 lbs.
  • It should be foldable to save space.
  • It needs to be safe and stable.
  • Ideally, it should have armrests and a safety belt.
  • It should be easy to move to any location.

Finding a product that met all these criteria was challenging. Finally, by chance, we discovered the Maidesite AX05 floor lift, which met all our needs. This floor lift supports up to 440 lbs, is foldable, has a safety belt and armrests, and features wheels on the bottom, which allows it to be easily moved anywhere after folding.

Using the AX05 Floor Lift to Transition to the Floor

Joe received his AX05 floor lift seven days after ordering it from the VOCIC website. He invited me over to join him for the first trial. Joe and I assembled it in just a few minutes, and he was eager to give it a try. For the first time, I decided to stand by, ready to assist him if needed.

Joe placed the AX05 floor lift in a safe and stable place in his living room. Due to his obesity, it was difficult for him to squat down to sit on the floor, so he attempted to transfer from the floor lift to the floor. First, he sat on the floor lift chair and fastened the safety belt. Then, he pressed the "Down" button and smoothly descended to a position close to the floor. Finally, he gradually shifted his weight until he was sitting on the floor.

"The whole descent was very stable. The lift chair is made of PU material, and the seat is comfortable; the size is big enough to accommodate my large frame," Joe said.

Joe Uses the AX05 Floor Lift to Transfer from the Floor to the Sofa

Sitting on the floor, Joe shifted his body and lifted the armrests before slowly easing himself into the chair. After fastening the safety belt, he pressed the ‘Up’ button. The lift chair gradually rose, and when it reached the desired height, he pressed the ‘Stop’ button. Unfastening the safety belt, he slowly transferred himself onto the sofa and then laid down. The entire process went smoothly. “I can get up from the floor by myself now; I never thought that would be possible,” Joe said.

We tried it again, this time with my assistance. First, I helped him move into the floor lift chair and secured the safety belt. Then, I pressed the ‘Up’ button and carefully transferred him to the sofa. The whole process was quite manageable. I also tried folding the floor lift and moving it to another part of the living room, which wasn’t too heavy for an adult.

Trying the AX05 Floor Lift Chair in Different Locations

Next, we tested moving the lift chair to various stable and safe spots in the bathroom, bedroom, and garden. The AX05 worked smoothly in all these locations. “If I fall, this chair can be folded and used anywhere,” Joe said.

“Every time I called 911, it was an embarrassing and costly experience. Sometimes, I had to lie on the floor, feeling helpless, waiting for medical personnel to arrive,” Joe said to me. With the help of the Maisesite AX05 floor lift, Joe no longer has to endure such prolonged discomfort. The AX05 floor lift also enabled Joe to start his weight loss plan. Now, even if he falls during exercise, I can help him up quickly. So far, he has already lost 10 pounds.


The AX05 lift chair is not only suitable for obese patients but also for the elderly, especially those prone to falling. One time, my mom fell at home and injured her knee. I didn't have the strength to lift her, and I was afraid of causing further injury while moving her. We decided to try the AX05 floor lift, and before the 911 team arrived, we were able to transfer her to a safe place.

The Maidesite AX05 floor lift chair is a wonderful product because it has genuinely helped both my friend and my mom. Purchasing it was definitely the right choice.

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