VOCIC ensures that all our products are manufactured and assembled using standard materials and processes. This Limited Warranty (hereinafter referred to as "this Warranty") applies to products purchased from VOCIC.com. VOCIC reserves the right to determine the scope and availability of the warranty at its discretion based on specific circumstances.

What does this Limited Warranty cover?

This warranty covers any material or craftsmanship defects in all VOCIC products within the scope of this warranty.

What actions will be taken to address issues?

Upon confirmation of a product issue, we may replace parts, exchange the product, or provide a partial or full refund (if the replacement product is out of stock). If VOCIC requests the return of any defective or damaged product, VOCIC will cover the shipping costs for replacement or return.

What is the duration of the warranty and after-sales service?

VOCIC products come with a warranty of 1-5 years and lifetime after-sales service. The warranty policy may vary for different products and takes effect upon receipt of the product. For specific product warranty policies, please refer to the product page description or product user manual. Customers can apply for exchanges, refunds, or returns when issues arise within the warranty period. For detailed information on returns within the warranty period, please refer to the VOCIC return policy.

What is required for warranty service?

To apply for warranty service, please contact support@vocic.com. Once VOCIC confirms the need for warranty service, the system may prompt you to provide more information or offer alternative solutions to resolve the issue. Please ensure that damaged or defective products returned to us are properly packaged in their original packaging.

    The following situations are not covered by the VOCIC warranty:

    1. Loss or theft of your product is not eligible for warranty service.
    2. Damage due to normal wear and tear, such as natural wear of tires and batteries due to frequent or improper use, scratches caused by use, is not within the warranty scope.
    3. Damage caused by improper use due to user operation, such as incorrect assembly or storage not in accordance with the user manual, is not covered by the warranty.
    4. Damage caused by neglect of necessary maintenance is not within the warranty scope, and over time, the product may become irreparable.
    5. Damage caused by external environmental factors, such as damage due to commercial use, accidents, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, high temperatures, and humidity, is not covered by the warranty.

    Please note: Warranty services are non-transferable, meaning the service can only be used by the original purchaser and cannot be transferred to others.