General Information

Medicare & Insurance Possibilities

VOCIC doesn't handle billing through Medicare or insurance providers at this moment, therefore we can't accept payments through them.

However, our team has been actively addressing this and we expect to have updates later this year. Keep an eye on our website at and follow us on Facebook @VOCICMedical for the latest news as soon as it's available.

Do you ship internationally?

VOCIC.COM currently only ship within the US, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

If you need a delivery to a European country, feel free to order through our VOCIC Amazon Europe store.

I am close to the warehouse. Can I pick it up myself?

We have multiple warehouses in the U.S. Your item may be shipped from different locations depending on availability. Please reach out to to explore options and make arrangements.

Do you offer installation services?

The majority of VOCIC products are unbox to use straight out of the box, with no installation required!

However, for items that do require installation, you can find helpful video guides on our YouTube channel @VOCICMedical.

Please note that installation services may be limited by region. If your purchased product includes installation services, contact to explore options and make arrangement.

Can the product be tailored to fit my specific requirements?

The majority of VOCIC products are standard models that offer height and width adjustments, you may refer to corresponding product page and video for operation.

We do offer custom design on specific products. If you're interested, reach out to for possibility discussion.

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VOCIC Account

How can I reset my password?

If you forget your password:

(1) Click "Forgot your password?" on the Login page.

(2) Enter your sign-up email and submit. We will send you an email to reset your password.

(3) Check your email and enter your new password to complete the process.

If you couldn't find the email in your mailbox:

(1) Check your trash mailbox.

(2) Double-check if you enter the correct email and try again.

If your problem is still not fixed, please contact us at

Order Assistance

Can I get a receipt for my order?

We do not include any price tags or receipts inside any of our boxes. If you require these documents, please contact us via email at, and we will provide them to you.

How can I get an invoice for my order?

Simply send an email to us at for the invoice.

How can I cancel an order?

(1) For orders that haven't been shipped yet, you can reach out to our support team at to halt the order processing.

(2) If your order has already been shipped, please understand that we can't immediately stop the shipment and cancel it. Kindly send an email to and we'll work with the shipping company to recall the order accordingly. An additional recall fee may be charged for shipped packages. Please ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed our 30-Day Easy Returns page for order cancellation and refund policy.

Why hasn't my tracking information been updated?

The products are shipped from various warehouses, there may be several days between scans if the shipment is moving between states or territories.

If the logistics information has not been updated within 3-5 days after shipment, and it has been a while since our estimated delivery time, please don't hesitate to contact us at with your order number provided.

What do I do if my package is scheduled to be delivered while I am on vacation?

If no one answers the doorbell, delivery companies may leave packages on doorsteps.

In your case, we recommend postponing delivery while you're away. Feel free to reach out to to choose a specific shipping date to avoid delivery during your vacation period.

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About Coupon/Discount

Are there discounts for disabled veterans?

There could be. Please send your situation and request to to explore possibilities.

Why isn't the coupon working?

If you encounter issues with coupon codes, please feel free to email for confirmation and assistance.

What should I do if I forgot to apply a coupon during checkout?

Unfortunately, once an order is confirmed, we can't apply vouchers or discounts retroactively.

If you have any special requirements, please contact for assistance.

Warranty & Return

How long is the warranty on the product I purchased?

VOCIC offers 1-5 years warranty services. Warranty policy varies from different products and takes effect upon receipt of the product.

For specific product warranty policies, please refer to the product page or product user manual.  

Further questions about the VOCIC product warranty or need after-sales service, feel free to contact

How can I contact you for after-sales issues?

Of course. VOCIC dedicated support team is available and ready to help!

VOCIC Support can be reached by Phone at +1 (833) 879-9376, 9am to 5:30pm, Mon - Fri (PST). By What's App at +1 (626) 400-3387. Our agent will guide you through quickly. In case you called at our closing time, we'll follow up and solve the problem within 24 hours.

We also provide 24-hour quick email response at To ensure a prompt and effective reply, please include your order number along with your question and requirements. We'll respond with the information and assistance promptly.

Can I return items if I'm not satisfied? accepts returns for any reason within 30 days of purchase. Before requesting a refund, please review our 30-Day Easy Returns and Warranty Policy.

If you're familiar with the return procedures, please send a message to to initiate a refund request. We will guide you through promptly.

How do I replace a product? Is there a fee for replacing a product?

If you require a product replacement due to personal preference, please send your replacement request to Make sure to include your order number, product model, and the expected replacement model. We will verify the order information and the condition of the original product to confirm if replacement is eligible.

If you need a product replacement due to receiving a faulty/wrong product, please follow the steps below:

(1) Capture images or videos to demonstrate the product's fault or problem.

(2) Send the images, videos, and your order number to

We will assess the situation and provide a specific solution accordingly.


Why is my credit card being rejected?

There are many possible reasons for a credit card not being accepted:

(1) The card is expired.

(2) You have reached or exceeded your credit limit.

(3) You have exceeded your daily charge limit.

(4) A computer at either end of the transaction is having technical problems.

(5) You may have entered the wrong credit card information. Please check the credit card information you have entered.

If you have further problems submitting your credit card payment, please contact us at for help with the error message you received.

Why has my PayPal payment been declined?

If you're having trouble paying with a credit or debit card, declined payments can be caused by one or more of the following:

(1) The transaction page has timed-out.

(2) Leaving the page before finishing the check-out procedure.

(3) Your PayPal account has insufficient funds or is not linked to any secondary option like a bank account or a credit card.

(4) Please contact PayPal for detailed questions concerning your PayPal account.

When will be interest-free installments be available?

VOCIC has been working on this and shall reopen the option as soon as it's available. If you need assistance on payment options, we can be found at

Do you accept checks?

Unfortunately VOCIC.COM currently does not accept checks. You may try to submit the order with following payment options:

  • Credit Card & Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, etc.)
  • PayPal
  • Meta Pay/Google Pay
  • Credit Card via PayPal
  • Shop Pay

E-Newsletter Subscription

What does email subscription entail?

VOCIC will send the latest updates, including new arrivals, product usage tips, exclusive discounts, and the chance to try out products for free. Be the first to grab the best deals!

Why haven't I received any emails in my inbox after subscribing?

It might be caused by these reasons:

(1) Emails might be labeled as spam, check your email spam folder to see if the subscription emails land in there. Remove the spam label and add our sender address to the address book to ensure you get the subscription email.

(2) As some email providers might limit the number of emails you receive, you might want to free up the space in your mailbox, by deleting some of the old emails.

If your problem is still not fixed, please contact us at

How can I unsubscribe?

(1) Click the “unsubscribe: in the newsletter to opt out.

(2) If you can't find the "unsubscribe" button in the email or encounter any issues unsubscribing, please reach out to us at

Information Safety Concerns

Will my information on your website be leaked?

We do not disclose information about identifiable individuals to anyone else except as set out above. We may provide third parties with aggregate statistical information and analytic about users of the site but we will make sure no one can be identified from this information before we disclose it.