Maidesite AX05: A Floor Lift for the Elderly Off the Floor

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Maidesite AX05: A Floor Lift for the Elderly Off the Floor
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Maidesite AX05: A Floor Lift for the Elderly Off the Floor

Falls among the elderly are a common and serious issue, often leading to fractures, head injuries, and long-term mobility problems. This causes significant pain for the elderly and adds pressure on their families and caregivers. Traditional post-fall assistance methods, like relying on family or calling emergency services, often fail to resolve the situation quickly and safely, delaying rescue efforts and increasing the risk of secondary injuries. To address this, the Maidesite AX05 floor lift chair was developed.

Who Needs a Floor Lift?

The following groups may benefit from a floor lift chair:

  1. Elderly people: As people age, their muscle strength and flexibility decrease, making it difficult to get up after a fall. And this device to lift the elderly off the floor could lend them a hand.
  2. People with limited mobility: This includes those with disabilities, illnesses, or injuries that impair movement. They may need assistance to get up after a fall.
  3. Patients in recovery: Those recovering from surgery or a serious illness may not yet have regained full strength and need extra help to safely get up.
  4. Individuals living alone: Especially elderly people living alone, who may not have anyone to assist them at home, can benefit from the support and safety a floor lift provides.
  5. Caregivers: In hospitals, nursing homes, or home care settings, caregivers can use an electric chair lift from the floor to help patients or elderly people, which reduces their own physical strain and the risk of injury.

What is a Maidesite AX05 Floor Lift?

A Floor Lift for Heavy Persons Off the Floor

VOCIC AX05 floor lift chair

To accommodate most users' weights and ensure safety, this floor lift was designed as a heavy-duty floor lift chair from the outset. It features armrests to provide additional support. For stability, the floor lift has transparent suction cups on the base, which are waterproof and can adhere to smooth, hard surfaces. Additionally, it offers the following features:

  • Supports 440 lbs: Meets the weight needs of most users.
  • Buckle seat belt for safety: Allows you to lift someone off the floor by yourself under certain conditions.
  • 3 steps for operation: The AX05 floor lift assist device for the elderly comes with an easy-to-use hand controller with just three buttons - up, down, and stop - so you can use it with ease!
  • PU leather for comfort: Includes a 20mm high-density sponge and a 12mm flame-retardant multi-layer bent wood board, making it comfortable and environmentally friendly.
  • Movable convenience: The lift assist for the elderly features a foldable design, making it easy to store and transport. This makes it perfect for travel or for use in spaces with limited room.

Design Concept and User-Friendliness

The Maidesite floor lift is specifically designed for the elderly, combining ease of use, safety, and comfort. Its user interface and simple remote control make operation extremely straightforward, with no complex steps required. In terms of safety, the device features a stability-focused design and anti-slip materials to ensure there are no slips or instability during use. For comfort, the ergonomic design provides maximum comfort and support, making the user experience convenient and reassuring. Whether for daily use or in emergency situations, this electric chair lifts from the floor is the ideal choice for you.

Can You Put an AX05 Floor Lift in Your Garden?

Yes, you can use it anywhere that is flat and secure. A common question users ask is, "Do I need one of these floor lifts in every room?" Actually, you don’t. The AX05 floor lift is foldable and has wheels on the bottom, making it easy to move anywhere you need it. This is especially useful in the following scenarios:

  • Elderly Living Alone: If you fall and are not near the chair, and there's no one around to help, you can call a neighbor or friend. They can use the AX05 floor lift to help you get up more easily.
  • With Caregivers: Caregivers no longer need to struggle to lift users from the floor. After assessing the user's condition, they can more easily lift the user from the ground.
  • In Hospitals and Care Facilities: In places like nursing homes or hospitals, this can improve efficiency and reduce the burden on caregivers.

How to Lift Someone From Floor with the Maidesite AX05 Floor Chair

Here are 9 steps to lift someone from the floor:

  1. Assess the Situation: Before using the floor lift for the elderly, caregivers should first evaluate the user's condition to ensure there are no serious injuries or a need for emergency medical assistance.
  2. Prepare the Equipment: Place the floor lift on a flat, stable surface next to the user. Ensure the device is in standby mode and check that it is functioning properly.
  3. Guide the User: Explain the process to the user so they understand the upcoming steps, which can help alleviate any anxiety they may have.
  4. Assist the User to the Device: If the user cannot move on their own, caregivers should help them to the device by gently supporting their arm or shoulder and assisting them to sit on the lift’s seat or support surface.
  5. Secure the Safety Belt: If the floor lift for seniors has a safety belt, caregivers should help secure it around the user to prevent slipping or falling during the lift.
  6. Operate the Device: Using the remote control or control panel, the caregiver should slowly start the device and lift the user. Throughout the process, the caregiver should closely monitor the user to ensure they are comfortable and safe.
  7. Provide Support: During the lift, caregivers should remain nearby to offer support, holding the user if necessary to help them maintain balance.
  8. Complete the Lift: Once the user is lifted to the appropriate height, the caregiver can help them stand up or transfer them to a wheelchair, sofa, or bed.
  9. Follow-Up Check: After the AX05 floor chair is completed, the caregiver should check the user's condition again to ensure they are not experiencing discomfort or injury. Finally, the floor lift should be stored properly in a suitable location.


The Maidesite AX05 lift for the elderly from the floor effectively addresses the common issue of elderly falls. Not only is it comfortable, but it can also be moved anywhere. It boasts several advantages, such as a weight capacity of up to 440 lbs, a safety belt, and a simple three-step operation. It is suitable for a variety of users and settings, including elderly people living alone, caregivers, nursing homes, and hospitals.

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