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VOCIC Mobility Scooter Gave My Mom a Free Life in Her Old Age

VOCIC Mobility Scooter Gave My Mom a Free Life in Her Old Age

My mother, Michelle, is 80 years old and has difficulty walking. Despite her desire to go out and about, she often stays at home due to her limited mobility. She never learned to drive when she was young. In the past, It was always my dad who drove the car, but after he passed away, she has had to rely on public transportation or Uber for her travel.

However, as she got older, public transportation was not suitable for her anymore. It takes a long time and can be crowded, causing me to worry about her falling. Uber is great for longer trips, but not ideal for everyday activities like going for a walk or shopping. Additionally, it can be expensive. I have tried purchasing various mobility product to assist my mother, but they have not been satisfactory. They were mostly too bulky or complicated to operate, and my mother didn't like them.

She still longs for travel and envies those who can go out freely to visit friends, explore National Forest Parks, and attend art exhibitions. She even tried to learn how to drive and obtain a driver's license, but failed. By chance, she saw an old lady riding a mobility scooter on the road and it felt like a lifeline to her.Later on,she asked me to order the same scooter online - VOCIC D51 Explorer High-Performance Mobility Scooter.

The scooter arrived soon. It was perfect for my mother's needs. It was lightweight, easy to operate, and affordable. And It didn't take long to assemble it with the clear instruction.

Afterwards, my mother couldn't wait to get on the scooter and try it out. She only spent 2-3 minutes learning how to use the steering wheel. Then,she started with the low speed gear and then switched to the medium and high speed gears.It didn't take long for her to learn how to drive the scooter. On that day, she also excitedly drove around the street for a long time."Haha, I finally found the perfect mobility product for me!" she said to me happily.

When my mother drove to visit her good friend Jane for the first time, Jane was very surprised that Michelle had learned to drive a "car" and was handling the scooter so well. Jane decided to give it a try and quickly got the hang of it too. My mom was surprised found that Jane was also considering purchasing a mobility scooter, so they discussed a lot about whether this VOCIC Explorer Mobility Scooter was worth buying or not. They even made a list:

Benefits of VOCIC Mobility Scooter:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • No gas needed, eco-friendly
  • Money-saving
  • Easy parking,stop and go
  • Foldable
  • Large weight capacity
  • Adjustable height

To be confirmed:

  • Will the range fulfill travel demands?
  • Weather-dependent, inconvenient in rainy days.
  • Is the basket size big enough?
  • Available on gravel roads and grass?
  • alternative battery?
  • Wheels may damage wood floor?

Jane believes that the range of 9 miles is enough for her daily travel needs, like shopping, going to exhibitions,going for a walker and so on. Even if occasionally longer trips are needed, it can be folded and stored in the trunk and used when needed. Mom agrees with her, because riding a bike for a long-distance trip for the seniors can be tiring.

What they like the most is that the scooters can be equipped with an umbrella. They both agree having an umbrella attached to the scooter would be convenient.Jane thought it is necessary to protect her sensitive skin from UV rays, as her skin tends to get red and develop rashes when exposed to the sun for long periods, which is quite bothersome. Mom approves of this idea because she goes for walks every day and if it rains, she has to stay at home.

As for the basket size, they have different opinions. Jane feels that the basket is a bit small, while my mom believes that it is sufficient for one person to carry their belongings. Even if it's not enough, they can use free space of the pedal.

As for the other three points - availability on gravel roads and grass, alternative battery, and the potential for wheels to damage the wood floor - they were unsure of their feasibility. Therefore, they contacted the VOCIC professional team, and they quickly responded. Firstly, the scooter has 8-inch solid wheels in the front and rear, making it puncture-proof and explosion-proof, ensuring a smooth and safe ride with minimal maintenance required. Therefore, it can be used on gravel roads and grass. Secondly, all VOCIC scooters have alternative batteries. Lastly, the wheels are made of PU solid tire material, which minimizes damage to floors.

Taking all these factors into consideration, this scooter perfectly matches Jane's needs, so she placed an order for the same scooter on the same day.

Two days later,Jane told my mom that her VOCIC Explorer High-Performance Mobility Scooter had arrived too and that it was right decision to buy such a mobility scooter.

Now, my mom drives her scooter almost every day, like walking her dog, shopping in town, going to the bakery for brunch and going to the theater with friends. If she comes across a beautiful view along the way, she will take out her scooter and take a leisurely stroll. Now, she can go to many places that she wants to go independently, without being bothered by her mobility issue.

Michelle's life has become colorful, and she appears to be even younger than she was two years ago. Perhaps this Christmas, I can buy her a VOCIC heavy-duty scooter so that she doesn't have to charge it every day, and can comfortably go on longer trips.

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