20-Years-Old Jane's EDS Triumph with a VOCIC D91 Mobility Scooter

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20-Years-Old Jane's EDS Triumph with a VOCIC D91 Mobility Scooter
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20-Years-Old Jane's EDS Triumph with a VOCIC D91 Mobility Scooter

Jane's Diagnosis with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

My 20-year-old sister, Jane, lives with our family in Georgia, GA. Last year, she was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a group of heritable connective tissue disorders. These conditions, caused by genetic changes affecting connective tissue, can lead to complications such as joint hypermobility, pain, and fatigue. Her doctor advises caution to avoid excessive exercise and trauma to prevent complications like vascular rupture, which could pose a threat to her life.

We've been carefully taking care of her daily needs, always concerned about potential injuries. Despite her diagnosis, Jane has been proactive in following her doctor's treatment plan, never complaining or showing distress in front of us. However, one morning, she unexpectedly burst into tears in her room. When I approached her, she admitted, "John, I can't handle anything on my own now." It was a rare moment of vulnerability for her. Since her diagnosis, she has silently carried a considerable mental burden, always fearful of accidental injury. This fear has led her to avoid going out, as she is concerned about becoming a burden to others.

Seeing her cry was incredibly painful for me. I wanted to do something for her. I decided to gift her a mobility aid to help her get around, explore nature, and reduce stress. Initially, I am working on trying to get a wheelchair for her, but she wouldn't really be able to push it herself, so I think a mobility scooter would be an amazing mobility aid and tool for her to use day to day, especially during flare-ups when her walker doesn't suffice.

Unveiling the VOCIC D91: A Doorstep Surprise and Journey to Independence

Upon a friend's recommendation, I purchased the D91 Fold-Go Revolutionary Foldable Mobility Scooter. I brought it to our doorstep, calling Jane from downstairs. Opening the window, she was surprised. Encouraging her to come down, she hesitated but eventually did so.

“This mobility scooter is suitable for people in rehabilitation, regardless of age,” I told her she could take it to the park, visit her doctor, or even bring it on a plane for travel. After hearing this, she was still hesitant to get on board and expressed her concerns. "What if I fall?" she asked. I reassured her, saying, "This mobility scooter is very stable, with 4 solid PU tires, suitable for various terrains, and it can support up to 265 lbs. When used correctly, there's no danger." Despite my explanation, Jane remained cautious. "This mobility scooter only requires the muscles in your upper body; the seat is made of leather for comfort; and it won't strain your body or pose a risk of injury. It also has shock absorption features," I added. Finally, Jane was convinced and got on the scooter. Following my guidance, she first turned the key, started the motor, adjusted the speed to low mode, and then turned the handle. The mobility scooter started moving. She drove a short distance in the yard, and the entire process was smooth, contrary to her initial worries. She felt a bit excited and became more proficient as she ventured onto the lawn, gravel paths, and nearby streets. The whole experience was stable and safe.

Exploring the World with the VOCIC D91 Mobility Scooter

In the following days, I accompanied Jane to Walmart to buy clothes, went to a local café for afternoon tea, and visited a flower shop. We explored many places, and with the scooter's 15-mile range, we weren't worried about running out of battery. Gradually, her mood improved, and she became more willing to go out. Later on, she frequently went out alone, hanging out with friends. Jane was no longer the lonely figure she once was, reconnecting with the world, and we were all happy for her.

Last September, we visited Canada, and Jane brought her mobility scooter along. Upon landing, we rented a car locally, folded the mobility scooter into the trunk, and easily took it out whenever she needed it. Driving her mobility scooter, she explored numerous attractions, immersed herself in the local culture, enjoyed various cuisines, and captured many memories through photographs. As International Women's Day is approaching, she also plans to participate in nearby EDS volunteer activities with her D91 mobility scooter.


She is now actively enjoying her life with the VOCIC D91 mobility scooter. This mobility scooter has brought her many fun experiences, lifting her out of a low period. When the VOCIC team reached out to us, we were thrilled and honored. Many people with this condition may feel isolated, experience depression, or lose hope. I share Jane's story with the hope that her experiences will inspire other EDS patients. And I also want to tell them that life is tough and pain is discouraging, but you're not alone.

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