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VOCIC Electric Bath Lift Chair Stands as Mandy's Top Choice for Her RA Patients
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VOCIC Electric Bath Lift Chair Stands as Mandy's Top Choice for Her RA Patients

One of my patients, Marina, is an 65-year-old woman from Kentucky, who has lived alone since her husband's passing. Marina battles rheumatoid arthritis(RA), a condition marked by unpredictable highs and lows. Some days, her joints feel relatively good, while others bring swelling and pain, making simple tasks like getting out of bed a challenge.

Marina relies on my regular visits; I provide essential services for her, such as health checks and psychological counseling, and accompany her to medical appointments. Last November, while walking, Marina had a minor leg accident. Although not severe, her doctor prescribed rest at home with regular check-ups.

During this time, Marina found herself confined to her bed. I continued my regular visits, assisting with daily activities and rehabilitation exercises. However, bathing became a source of distress for us. Previously, I could help Marina into the bathtub, where Marina would bathe independently. Now, even moving herself proved challenging for Marina.

Due to my limited strength, transferring Marina, who also deals with obesity, to the bathroom became impractical. As a result, I could only assist with daily wiping, which Marina found uncomfortable. Particularly at night, Marina experienced itching, exacerbated by rheumatoid arthritis, making sleep elusive. Concerned about Marina's overall well-being, I decided to find a solution.

Initially, I considered suggesting hiring another caregiver, but she promptly rejected the idea. Marina felt uncomfortable with strangers, especially for intimate activities like bathing, which forced me to reconsider alternatives.

My final consideration was the bath chair lift. After comparing several options on the market, I chose the VOCIC Electric Bath Lift Chair based on its weight and user-friendly design. It's much lighter than the first one we bought and others for sale on Amazon.

Contrary to my expectations, the electronic lifting bath chair was straightforward in both installation and use. Attaching the backrest to the seat, charging, and waiting for a full charge were the only few steps required for normal operation.

For safety, after charging, I tested the chair. Aligning the chair's six non-slip pads inside the bathtub, I slowly lowered it, ensuring a secure grip. Satisfied with its stability, I sat on the chair and operated the remote control. With just three buttons, the page's operation was simple. Pressing the "down" button, the chair moved me to the bottom of the tub for an immersive bath. Trying the "up" button, the chair lifted me out of the tub. Adjusting to the desired height, I pressed the pause button. The entire process was simple and stable.

After confirming the product's safety, I used a transport chair walker to bring Marina to the bathroom, providing a hands-on demonstration and explaining the chair's usage. After watching, Marina eagerly wanted to try it herself.

Initially nervous as she entered the tub, Marina instinctively grasped the edge of the chair. I reassured her, "Don't worry; it's quite stable, with six suction cups below." Relieved, Marina slowly sat in the chair. She then picked up the controller, pressed the "down" button, and the chair began to move slowly. Marina instinctively grabbed the chair in nervousness. Reassuringly, the chair safely lowered her to the bottom of the tub. "Oh, this electric bath lift chair is indeed very stable," she exclaimed. Finally, Marina could enjoy the joy of independent bathing, experiencing immersive bathing she hadn't felt since her fall. After her bath, I wiped the VOCIC electric bath lift chair clean with a dry towel, placing it in a relatively dry area of the bathroom. It doesn't take up much space. Marina's skin was no longer itchy after bathing, and she slept more comfortably at night. Over time, she became accustomed to using the bath chair for convenience and peace of mind.

In addition to bathing, the VOCIC electric bath lift chair also served as a floor lift chair. During rehabilitation sessions, such as exercises for arthritis pain relief or aerobic and resistance exercises. I found it useful to transfer Marina to the living room. Initially, Marina was transferred to a transport chair walker to reach the living room. Once there, she was moved onto the lift chair, and with the press of the "down" button, she was lowered onto the carpet, providing more space for rehabilitation.

This chair is not only suitable for seniors who are reluctant to bathe but also for those undergoing rehabilitation. It serves as valuable assistance for patients in rehabilitation training. If my patients have similar needs, I would recommend this VOCIC electric bath lift chair as an excellent choice.

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