Rollator Walker Brought Back the Passion and Energy to My Grandma

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Rollator Walker Brought Back the Passion and Energy to My Grandma

Rollator Walker Brought Back the Passion and Energy to My Grandma

My grandma has severe varicose veins, which makes it very hard for her to walk even a few hundred meters. She had a surgery for her lower limbs two years ago, but the result was not very satisfactory. Last Christmas, I bought her a VOCIC Z51 Shift Combo 2 In 1 Rollator. She said she liked it, but she never use it. She put it in the storage room without opening the box.

It was only when I talked to my uncle later that I learned what my grandmother thought: she felt embarrassed when using a rollator walker on the street.Grandma, who had been a strong woman all her life, didn't want to be labeled as a "disadvantaged elderly person with walking issues".

As her varicose veins condition worsened. She could only walk a few steps along the wall every day. Her cheerful laughter also faded away. I was very sad to see my grandmother like this. Aging seems to be particularly capable of defeating all living beings, trapping them in one place, and taking away their bright smiles and cheerful personalities.

Finally, I took out the rollator walker, hoping to help her walk and cheer up again.

We started by trying to walk in our own yard. Before she got started, I gave her a simple demonstration. After her first try, she was surprised to find that it was more flexible and easier to use than other medical walking aids.After pushing the walker for a while, she excitedly turned to me and said "Look at me, I'm walking again!"

And I also helped her unlock a new feature of the rollator walker - the TRANSPORT CHAIR function.The VOCIC Shift Combo 2 In 1 Rollator is a Transport Chair Walker,which means it can be used as both a rollator walker and a transport chair.That's why I can unlock the TRANSPORT CHAIR function. At first,she was afraid that the walker wouldn't be strong enough. After sitting in the chair for a while, she even hoped that I could push the rollator behind her.

This day changed my grandma's attitude towards the Rollator Walker completely. In the following days, she began using the walker to wash ingredients while seating in the walker's chair, cook in the kitchen,and push the walker to bring the food to the table.With the walker,my grandma was able to enjoy cooking again.

Additionally, she started moving around the house effortlessly with the walker. She would push it into the bathroom or her bedroom and use it any time.

She also used to go shopping with Grandpa pushing the walker. Even two people using one walker were perfectly adequate.When Grandma got tired, the TRANSPORT CHAIR function comes to help, as she sits in the walker's chair and grandpa pushes her behind. When the weather is clear, we will go for a walk in the park. She always likes to sit in the walker’s chair and read while sunbathing. This walker is equipped with a dual brake system, so I don't have to worry about the walker rolling on its own, it always stays firmly in place to keep my grandmother safe!

This dark red walker seems to put enthusiasm and vigor back into my grandmother's body, and once again her face bloomed with a smile and her vivid vitality returned!

Last but not least,grandma found that she is not the only elderly person using a walker on the street; more and more elderly people are using walkers. At the same time, people on the street don't stare at grandma differently. Instead, when they learn that grandma has difficulty moving around, they treat her more politely. Even some young people inquire my grandma about where to purchase this 2 in 1 rollator walker and they want to buy one for their parents. All of this is different from Grandma's initial thought,which really relief her a lot.

Grandma says she never thought she would love the days when she pushed her walker to get around. She also realize that medical walking aids do not limit her life but rather liberate her. It allows her to get back into her social life, to live life to the fullest in her golden age.

Now,many of her friends have also purchased this product with her advice and they are planning to bring the walker to Paris next year to see the fashion show.With the help of this walker, their lives have become more colorful, not just staying at home.

When illness alters our way of life, loss and sadness are inevitable. However, once we have processed these emotions, we should seek all possible devices and products that can help us live easier. After all, life goes on. I am very happy that VOCIC Shift Combo 2 In 1 Rollator is the product that helped my grandma so much.

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