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30-Years-Old Nora's Favorite Transportation: VOCIC D31 Mobility Scooter
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30-Years-Old Nora's Favorite Transportation: VOCIC D31 Mobility Scooter

Do you still think mobility scooters are exclusive to the elderly or those with disabilities? For my friend Nora, a vibrant and healthy 30-year-old, a mobility scooter became just as crucial. After a mishap that changed her life, it became her daily means of transportation.

My friend Nora used to enjoy daily activities on an electric scooter until one day, speeding downhill, she lost balance and broke her leg. The doctor advised months of recovery and recommended minimizing outdoor activities. For someone like Nora, who loves people and the outdoors, this restriction was incredibly tough. She found herself confined to her window, yearning for the scenery. Especially as her birthday approached, the situation became more challenging. In previous years, she would celebrate outdoors with friends, but this year seemed impossible.

I witnessed it all. Understanding Nora's distress, both of us being outgoing individuals who cherish outdoor activities like hiking, surfing, and diving, it was disheartening to see her confined to her home. So, I decided to prepare a unique gift to lift her spirits again.

On her birthday, while Nora was still napping, I parked the mobility scooter outside her window, and covered it with a gift box. Standing outside her window, I gently tapped on the glass. Nora looked over, and her eyes lit up at the sight of me. Opening the gift box revealed a VOCIC D31 Explorer-Swift Agile 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter. She was astonished; she remembered seeing such mobility scooters on the road, mostly used by the elderly. I then opened the French window, walked in, warmly hugged her, and said, "Happy Birthday, Nora!" She responded excitedly.

Moving the mobility scooter indoors, I unpacked and assembled it following the instructions. It doesn’t last for a long time. "Ready to give it a try?" I asked Nora, who hesitated. Sensing her concerns, I explained that this mobility scooter is not only suitable for the elderly or those with limited leg strength for a period but also for physically fit young individuals. And it is a travel mobility scooter, whether for short distance or long distance, even available for rent during trips, making it very convenient. Nora seemed intrigued. "But can I easily operate it with my broken leg?" she questioned. I assured her that the mobility scooter's operation was simple, requiring minimal upper body strength and posing low demands on leg and foot strength.

I then explained the mobility scooter's workings, demonstrating the control panel's buttons and features, including how to check the battery indicator, how to charge it, and how to control direction. After listening attentively, she expressed a willingness to give it a try. Adjusting the adjustable armrest upwards, I assisted her onto the mobility scooter, then lowered the armrest. "Wow, this feature is thoughtful," she remarked.

We conducted the first trial in her living room. The D31's small turning radius proved extremely agile, fitting precisely through Nora's doorways. She navigated smoothly from the bedroom to the living room and then to the bathroom. Taking her outside, we tested it on the lawn and the sidewalk. Throughout the process, the vibrations remained within an acceptable range, and Nora felt no weight on her knees. It seemed like she had regained her freedom! I informed her that the mobility scooter can adapt to various terrains such as wood, gravel, grass, marble, etc., making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. She could use it to visit the hospital for check-ups as well.

That weekend, armed with the mobility scooter, Nora joined us for a picnic at the nearby Griffith Park. Our friends were delighted that Nora could once again enjoy the outdoor air. Nora happily shared her driving experience with our friends. When some complained about the inconvenience of parking around the park, Nora responded with a smile, "Maybe you guys should try a mobility scooter too."

Nora's knee recovered well, and although she can now travel normally, she prefers using her D31 for short trips. It's not only safe and comfortable but also offers ample storage space, perfect for Nora's shopping trips. You can spot Nora, with a beaming smile, riding her red mobility scooter from a distance, greeting familiar faces along the way. Interestingly, during her Walmart shopping trips, she noticed other able-bodied young people on mobility scooters in the supermarket, realizing that more and more young people are embracing the safety and convenience of mobility scooters. Nora remarked, "It truly seems like mobility scooters are becoming a trend for the young generation."

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