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Welcome to VOCIC - Your Family Rehabilitation Products Store
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VOCIC Launched Website to Serve Older Adults with Home Care Products
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VOCIC Launched Website to Serve Older Adults with Home Care Products

VOCIC, after having been in the home medical care business for over a decade, now has an official website to meet the needs of individual users. offers a wide range of home rehabilitation products for seniors and caregivers, including walking aids, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, as well as other care products like air mattresses and lift chairs. The company attracted a large number of dealers and end-users back in REHACARE 2023 exhibition, and its official website's launch will further develop its business.

VOCIC.COM - Providing Home Rehabilitation Products to End-User

VOCIC is dedicated to offering comprehensive home care and rehabilitation products for groups with home care needs, especially the elderly. We help them reintegrate into society and improve their quality of life. To meet different budgets and usage requirements, VOCIC offers various specifications of mobility aids, bathroom safety, bedroom care and other rehabilitation products. We also provide customized services for special care needs, such as electric lifting standing rehabilitation robot. Respirators, blood pressure instrument, oximeter and other diagnostic devices are also in the planning.

Currently, the only supports shipping within the United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Guam, and Puerto Rico). European users can visit VOCIC's Amazon Europe store for purchase.

For products purchased through the VOCIC official website, we promise to provide:

  • Around the clock customer service.
  • A hassle-free 30-day return policy.
  • 1-5 years of quality assurance and support, varied on different products.

VOCIC aims to be your home rehabilitation partner. In addition to regular user services, we are also considering a series of value-added service. Good products and good service are what make users feel at ease in their purchases and use. More info about the value-added service will be updated on the VOCIC website and official social media channels later. 

VOCIC.COM - Providing Procurement and Personalized Solutions for Distributors of Home Rehabilitation Products

During the REHACARE 2023 exhibition, VOCIC was frequently asked if it supports personalized product customization. We do offer personalized product customization to distributors, catering to their specific requirements in terms of functionality, color, specifications, and quantity. In addition to personalized customization, we maintain strict control over the entire process, including logistics, transportation, and after-sales service.

With over 10 years of experience in the development and production of rehabilitation products, VOCIC's factory covers an area of 55,800 square meters and is equipped with more than 200 cutting-edge production facilities. Annual sales capacity exceeds 1 million. VOCIC looks forward to collaborating with like-minded companies to provide high-quality home rehabilitation and care products to the rehabilitation market.

Moving forward, VOCIC will keep pace with market and consumer demands, continuously researching and producing high-quality products. At the same time, we will continually optimize online purchasing channels and experiences to help users find the most suitable products at the best prices.

* News originally published on OpenPR.

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