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VOCIC at Arab Health 2024 in Dubai
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VOCIC at Arab Health 2024 in Dubai

The VOCIC team showcased our latest home medical care and senior care products at Arab Health 2024 in Dubai, held from January 29th to February 1st. The exhibition provided a crucial chance to present VOCIC’s innovative healthcare solutions to professionals.

In keeping with the essence of Arab Health 2024, VOCIC epitomizes cutting-edge healthcare innovation. VOCIC displays a range of smart home rehabilitation and care products, including nursing beds, mobility aids, and bathing safety essentials. The first day witnessed a swift depletion of nursing bed and bathtub lift chair samples, marking successful collaborations with numerous hospital agents. VOCIC mobility scooters and rollator walkers received great appreciation for their handy design. Beyond merely presenting our products, the exhibition fostered a profound connection between the company and its clientele, establishing a robust groundwork for future endeavors.

VOCIC team Introduced Products at Arab Health 2024 in Dubai


VOCIC H91 Nursing Bed, 2023 Muse Design Award Winner, Garnered Significant Attention

The VOCIC H91 Nursing Bed stole the spotlight at this exhibition. Different from the nursing beds commonly seen on the market, the VOCIC H91 Nursing Bed stands out for its unique white appearance, full-wrap edge, multi-functionality, and high level of intelligence. It was awarded the gold prize at the 2023 Muse Design Awards for these distinguishing features. Additionally, it has attracted attention for other characteristics, such as:

  • Antibacterial materials.
  • Separate the mattress and electric bed frame.
  • Innovative design of a separate mattress and electric bed frame.
  • Smart voice control.
  • A complementary app tailored to develop specific care plans for patients.
  • Integration with hospital medical information systems to remind patients of daily rehabilitation exercises or follow-up appointments.

VOCIC Home Rehab Products, Designed for Seniors, with a Focus on Quality and Performance

In 2013, VOCIC entered the nursing bed distribution arena. A decade later, our self-developed nursing beds have gained exceptional recognition at exhibitions, a testament to our R&D team's unwavering dedication to the company's philosophy. As articulated by Edward, our Director of Production and Research, "Crafted with an unwavering focus on quality and performance, our products are expressly designed to enhance the well-being of users." VOCIC takes pride in enhancing users' comfort, independence, and dignity in their lives.

VOCIC Ultra-Budget Rollator - NEW Z21 Ergonomic Foldable 4-Wheel Rollator Walker

VOCIC star product in 2024 is the NEW Z21 Ergonomic Rollator, an improved version of 2023 top-selling rollator. Enhanced with reinforced aluminum alloy tubes for a weight capacity of 330lbs, a 3-second folding mechanism and 360°safety features, while priced under $100, we deliver exceptional value to users.

MSCO5, a leading medical source company in Saudi Arabia and a 7-year partner of VOCIC, engaged in extended collaboration discussions regarding our home care products, especially the new Z21 rollator walker.

VOCIC team with Other Participants at Arab Health 2024 in Dubai


VOCIC Mobility Scooters - For Individuals of All Ages Searching for Portable Mobility Solutions

VOCIC offers multiple scooter options to meet different mobility demands:

D40, D41, D61 mobility scooters for various terrains driving...

VOCIC is Actively Seeking Allies

VOCIC’s been providing home care and safety products for worldwide clients since 2013. We are dedicated to expanding the design and production of home rehabilitation medical products. In 2024, we’ll simultaneously focus on promoting sales directly to end-users and actively recruiting global distributors. Additionally, there will be efforts to strengthen cooperation with distributors and the construction of offline after-sales points. We sincerely welcome interested distributors to contact us for collaboration discussions. With our dedication to premier quality products and exceptional support, together, we can help individuals achieve mobility freedom, and enjoy golden years with comfort and joy.

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