A Comprehensive Guide to United Airlines' Wheelchair Assistance Servic

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A Comprehensive Guide to United Airlines' Wheelchair Assistance Services
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A Comprehensive Guide to United Airlines' Wheelchair Assistance Services

For people with limited mobility, getting around airports and flying can be a challenge. United Airlines offers a range of wheelchair assistance services tailored to ensure all passengers can travel comfortably. In this article, we'll look at how to access these services to provide passengers with a clearer experience on United Airlines.

What Is United Airlines' Wheelchair Assistance?

United Airlines wheelchair assistance service is a service that helps passengers with limited mobility to comfortably and safely navigate the airport and board the aircraft. The service includes the provision of wheelchairs and assistance, from curbside check-in to security screening, boarding, and boarding. United's staff can provide personalized support to ensure that passengers arrive at their destination smoothly. Let passengers enjoy an easier and more relaxing travel experience.

What Wheelchair Assistance Options Are Available on United Airlines?

United Airlines provides a variety of wheelchair assistance services to ensure that all passengers can enjoy a comfortable and convenient travel experience. The following are some of the services provided by United Airlines:

  1. Curbside Assistance

    United Airlines provides wheelchair assistance starting at the curbside drop-off point. Passengers can request a wheelchair at the curb and an agent will assist them from their vehicle to the check-in counter. This provides a smooth, hassle-free transition through the airport for passengers with limited mobility.

  2. Check-in and Security

    At the check-in counter, United Airlines agents can assist passengers through the entire check-in process, including handling baggage and obtaining boarding passes. After check-in, agents continue to assist passengers through security. Passengers are able to be helped to move through security efficiently, ensuring that they meet all TSA requirements while remaining comfortable and relaxed.

  3. Gate Assistance

    After security, United Airlines will assist passengers to the gate. Agents are required to guide passengers through the airport, arrive at the gate in a timely manner, and assist passengers with gate check-in. In addition, agents can help passengers board their aircraft early to provide ample time for passengers to settle in. If passengers need it, early boarding allows them to avoid crowds and receive the services they need.

  4. Onboard Assistance

    On board, flight attendants will provide support to passengers using aisle chairs and help passengers get to and from their seats and lavatories when needed. However, flight attendants are not allowed to lift or carry passengers, which is to ensure that passengers receive the necessary assistance to make their flight as comfortable as possible. This includes helping passengers stow their belongings and ensuring that passengers are safely seated.

  5. Arrival Assistance

    Upon arrival at the final destination, wheelchair assistance will be provided to help passengers deplane and navigate through the airport. It may be necessary to assist passengers through customs and immigration, collect luggage from baggage claim, and help passengers reach curbside pickup areas or other ground transportation options. Therefore, United Airlines agents need to attend to passengers' needs until they have safely left the airport.

If you would like to use these services, you will need to notify United Airlines at the time of booking or at least 48 hours before your flight. This will ensure that all arrangements can be made to provide you with a smooth travel experience. In addition, United Airlines recommends that customers communicate any needs directly with the airline's accessibility desk or customer service representative.

Airport staff helps an elderly person board the plane

How Do I Request My Wheelchair from United Airlines?

Requesting wheelchair assistance from United Airlines is a simple process that ensures passengers with limited mobility are supported throughout their travel. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to request this service:

  1. During Booking

    When you book your flight on the United Airlines website or by phone, you can request wheelchair assistance by noting your need in the Special Requests or Accessibility section during the booking process. This ensures your assistance needs are recorded from the outset.

  2. After Booking

    If you did not request wheelchair assistance when you initially booked, you can always add it later by visiting the United Airlines website and updating your reservation in the Manage Booking section, or by calling Customer Service to let them know your needs.

  3. At the Airport

    If you are unable to request wheelchair assistance in advance, you can do so at the airport by notifying staff at the check-in counter or curbside check-in area that you require a wheelchair, ensuring you receive assistance from that point on.

  4. Special Requests

    If you are traveling with an electric wheelchair, other mobility device, or service animal, please notify United Airlines in advance and provide detailed information about your device or animal to ensure that proper storage, handling, and accommodation can be arranged.

  5. Confirm Assistance

    To ensure that all arrangements are in place, please confirm your wheelchair assistance request by calling United Airlines Customer Service 24-48 hours before your flight and reconfirm your needs at the check-in counter or with an agent on the day of your flight.

By following the steps above, you can ensure that your wheelchair assistance request is processed smoothly so you can fly comfortably and confidently on United Airlines.

What Are the Wheelchair Transportation Policies and Procedures?

United Airlines has some specific policies and procedures in place to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Below is a detailed overview:

  1. Advance Notification

    Passengers should notify United Airlines of their wheelchair assistance needs and special requests at the time of booking or at least 48 hours before departure. This can be done online, through the customer service hotline, or in the Manage Booking section of the United Airlines website. Providing detailed information about the wheelchair or other mobility aids ensures proper handling.

  2. Types of Wheelchairs and Mobility Devices

    United Airlines offers both manual and electric wheelchairs for transportation. Manual wheelchairs can be used at the aircraft door and then stowed in the cargo hold. Electric wheelchairs and scooters, however, are transported in cargo hold due to their size and weight. This ensures the safety of these devices.

  3. Battery Regulations

    United Airlines adheres to strict regulations for electric wheelchair batteries. Spillable batteries must be transported to prevent leakage and may need to be removed and packaged separately. Non-spillable batteries and lithium-ion batteries may remain connected if securely fastened and within safe confines, but lithium-ion batteries have additional Watt-hour (Wh) restrictions.

  4. Check-in and Boarding Procedures

    When checking in, please notify United Airlines agents of your wheelchair or mobility device. Agents will tag the device for handling and stowage. Passengers who use wheelchairs can board early, which will allow more time to board and be seated, and will be assisted in transferring to an aisle chair if needed.

  5. Handling and Storage

    If space permits, foldable manual wheelchairs can be stored in the cabin; otherwise, they will be stored in the cargo hold along with electric wheelchairs and scooters. United Airlines is required to ensure that all equipment is carefully handled and safely stored and is marked and tracked to prevent damage and properly returned.

  6. Arrival and Delivery

    Upon arrival at the destination, airline staff will deliver the wheelchair or mobility device from the cargo hold to the passenger at the aircraft door or baggage claim. For connecting flights, United Airlines will coordinate the transfer of the wheelchair to ensure that the wheelchair is accessible at every point in the journey.

  7. Damaged or Lost Equipment

    If a wheelchair or mobility device is discovered to be damaged or missing after arrival at the destination, the passenger should immediately report the problem to United Airlines staff at the airport. The airline will handle the incident through repair, replacement, or refund to ensure that the problem is resolved quickly and to the passenger's satisfaction.

  8. Special Accommodations

    Passengers who require wheelchair assistance can request a specific seat assignment, such as a seat with extra legroom or a seat close to a restroom. United Airlines also offers support to passengers traveling with service animals to ensure they are comfortably accommodated throughout their journey.

By following these procedures, United Airlines is able to provide a seamless, comfortable travel experience for passengers with disabilities, ensuring their needs are met at every stage of their journey. In addition, United Airlines also provides passengers with a policy for the transportation of mobility aids such as foldable mobility scooters, rollators, canes, and crutches. Please check with the airline for details.

Airport staff helping an elderly man


United Airlines provides comprehensive wheelchair assistance services for passengers with limited mobility. From curbside pickup to onboard support, all passengers who require assistance are guaranteed a smooth, dignified travel experience throughout their entire journey, thereby enhancing our travel experience.

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1. Do I have to pay extra to fly in a wheelchair?

United Airlines does not charge extra fees for passengers who need to fly with a wheelchair. This service provides assistance from check-in to boarding, during the flight, and once you arrive at your destination. It is important to request any necessary accommodations in advance to ensure everything is arranged before traveling.

2. Is there a weight limit for my wheelchair?

United Airlines does not set a weight limit for wheelchairs on its flights. They can accommodate both manual and electric wheelchairs, but their handling and storage procedures may differ, especially for electric wheelchairs with different battery types. It is recommended to inform United Airlines of your wheelchair specifications at the time of booking to ensure correct arrangement and adherence to safety regulations.

3. Can I use my own wheelchair at the airport?

When flying with United Airlines, you can use your own wheelchair at the airport and you can use your own wheelchair through the airport and up to the aircraft gate. Also, if you are unable to use the aircraft's aisle chair, your wheelchair will be stowed in the cargo hold and staff will assist you in boarding the aircraft. Therefore, be sure to inform the airline in advance so that they can make the necessary arrangements for you.

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