Low-noise pump ensures comfortable sleep

S11VA Spherical Alternating Air Pressure Mattress with Pump

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Low-noise pump ensures comfortable sleep

Spherical Alternating Air Pressure Mattress

A quality mattress is essential for restful sleep. VOCIC alternating air pressure mattress is here to guarantee both sleep quality and a healthy sleeping environment.


Quiet Air Pump

Easy Installation

130 Spherical Air Cells

Alternating Pressure



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Before Inflation Size(L x W x H) 89"±2"×51"±3" 96"±3"×38"±2" 89"±3"×38"±2"" -
After Inflation Size(Wx Dx H) 86"±2"×46"±3" 75"±1"×32"±2" 75"±1"×35"±2"" 89"±3"×38"±2"
Cycle Time 10min±1min 10min±1min 10min±1min 12min±1min
Working Noise ≤45db ≤45db ≤45db ≤45db
Inflation Air Pressure 17kPa ± 0.5kPa 17kPa ± 0.5kPa 17kPa ± 0.5kPa 17kPa ± 0.5kPa
Continuous Working Time ≥24 hours ≥24 hours ≥24 hours ≥24 hours
Air Pump Power Consumption ≤20VA ≤20VA ≤20VA ≤20VA
Power 110V ± 10V, 60HZ ±1HZ 110V ± 10V, 60HZ ±1HZ 110V ± 10V, 60HZ ±1HZ 110V ± 10V, 60HZ ±1HZ
Waterproof Image Image Image Image
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year

Commonly Asked Questions

Check out below commonly asked questions. Our support team is only an email away to answer any questions you might have.

How about air mattresses for fluctuation?

When the pump button is adjusted between Min-Max, the air in the air mattress fluctuates once every ten minutes or so, which effectively prevents bedsores from forming.

If I'm not used to the air mattress and it's a little hard to lie down how do I adjust it?

You can put a softer blanket on it. Air mattresses are specially prepared for people who need to stay in bed for a long time, so it's normal to be uncomfortable at first.

Is this air mattress suitable for hospital beds?

It fits just right, and if it's a bed at home, the air mattress has extended ends that can be tucked into the ends of the mattress to prevent movement.

Does the air pump make a lot of noise?

No, it doesn't make a lot of noise, and the air pump is set to sleep mode, which stops the pump from working and will be very quiet.

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