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Z51 Shift Combo 2 In 1 Rollator - Transport Chair Walker

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Super Cost-effective. High Utilization

Shift Combo 2 In 1 Rollator - Transport Chair Walker

Need a chair for occasional transport and a rollator walker for everyday walking? The VOCIC rollator transport chair combo is the solution. Freely switch between the two modes. One product, two functions fully fulfilled.


Versatile 2-in-1 Rollator

Solid Structure

Input Voltage 220 Volts

300 lbs Weight Capacity

Large Wheels

Adjustable Handles

Cane Holder

Foldable Design

Adjustable Foot Rest

Your Safefy is Our Top Concern

VOCIC 2 in 1 rollator walker - transfer chair offers stable walking support to empower independence, and allow you to live an active & healthy lifestyle.

Solid Design & Support

Made of aluminum alloy materials, the 2 in 1 rollator walker offers stability and strength with a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. Equipped with anti-slip footrests and a security strap to prevent slipping or tripping. The 4" extended backrest enhances safety by shifting the center of gravity backward when seated.

Dual Braking Systems

Dual braking system provides double protection to your walking and seating safety. Pull up the handbrake to slow down or stop while walking forward, and push down to lock the wheels and secure the brake of parking before sitting for a rest.

Promote a Relaxing Experience of Comfort

Your rollator transport chair combo is your best support and closest friend, that's why improved comfort is a valid and essential attraction. Here’s how the VOCIC shift combo 2-in-1 rollator ensures your comfort.

Height-adjustable Handles of rollator walkers

Height-adjustable Handles

Handles’ height can be altered in 6 levels, ranging from 33.5” to 39.6’’. Namely, you can adjust the handles’ height to suit your stature and physical condition. Additionally, the 1.5" thick seat provides comfortable seating.

Maneuverable Wheels of Rollator Walkers

Maneuverable Wheels

Replaced with non-inflatable rubber wheels, the 2 in 1 rollator walker now boasts enhanced traction and increased friction, making maneuverability easier. Its 360° front casters, with 10-inch large and 8-inch rear wheels, are puncture-resistant and designed for all-terrain use, especially on rough outdoor roads.

VOCIC Shift Combo 2 In 1 Rollator - Transport Chair Walker

Only 22lbs, Easy to Take With

Weighing only 22 lbs, the transfer chair can be folded effortlessly into a compact size, allowing for easy storage in most car trunks and taking it anywhere freely. Additionally, it features a cane holder and a large storage bag for added convenience.

Rollator Walker

Transport Chair

Dual Braking Systems

Non-inflatable Rubber Wheels

Reversible Backrest

Height Adjustment

Flip-up Footrests

Dual Braking Systems

Non-inflatable Rubber Wheels

Reversible Backrest

Height Adjustment

Flip-up Footrests

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Dimensions(L x W x H) 23.8"x28.3"x38.9" 23.6"-31.5"x23.6"x31.5"-36.6" 23.2"x28.3"x33"
Measurements Folded(L x W x H) 23.8"x14.3"x38.9" 22"x13.7"x31.5"-36.6" 9.6"x28.3"x33"
Seat Size(W x D) 15.0" x 14.2" 14"x12" 18.1"x8.7"
Handle Height 31.5"-39.6" 31.5"-36.6" 32.5"-37.4"
Seat Height 20" 20-22" 20"
Wheel (FrontxRear) 10"x8", Airless rubber tires 8"x8", PVC tires 9.4"x8", PU tires
Max Weight Capacity 300 lbs 330 lbs 242 lbs
Storage Bag Maximum Weight 11 lbs 22 lbs 11 lbs
Net Weight 22.9 lbs 19.3 lbs 17.2 lbs
Installation Time Around 10 min Around 10 min Pre-assembled
Frame Materials Aluminum Aluminum+lron Aluminum
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year

Commonly Asked Questions

Check out below commonly asked questions. Our support team is only an email away to answer any questions you might have.

What accessories are included?

It includes 2 front wheels, 2 rear wheels, 2 handles, a frame, a cane/umbrella holder, 2 footrests, and a screw bag.

What is the material of the rollator walker tires?

The material of the rollator walker tires is PP (Polypropylene), known for its lightweight, durability, and corrosion resistance.

Is the wheelchair pre-assembled, and what tools are required for assembly?

Requires self-installation, but it's very simple, just 8 steps, and can take about 10 minutes.

What is the tire of the Brake System?

The tire of the brake system is a dual braking system, providing more powerful and reliable braking effects. This is especially beneficial for navigating under various conditions, particularly on downhill or wet and slippery surfaces, allowing better control of speed.

Is this rollator walker Medicaid approved or eligible for Medicare payment?

Not yet, but our VOCIC team is working on it.

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