6 Questions to Answer Why an Electric Bath Lift Chair is Safe

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6 Questions to Answer Why an Electric Bath Lift Chair is Safe
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6 Questions to Answer Why an Electric Bath Lift Chair is Safe

If you've never used an electric bath lift chair, you might wonder: Are there any safety risks with using an electric lift chair? Are the batteries safe? Is there a risk of electrocution? The answer is that it's very safe when used correctly. Next, I'll explain the reasons by discussing the components of the bath chair lift and how it works.

VOCIC electric bath lift chair under the water

How Many Types of Bath Lift Chairs?

The common types of bath lift chairs on the market include water-powered, air-powered, battery-powered, and manual crank-style bath lifts. You can also click on "Which Bath Lift Chair is Best for You?" to learn more. The electric bath lift chair is a battery-powered bath lift chair, which is currently the most popular type on the market. That’s due to their simple operation, easy cleaning, foldability, space efficiency, and safety.

What’s an Electric Bath Lift Chair?

Generally, an electric bath lift chair consists of six main components: a lightweight frame, charger, waterproof controller, adjustable backrest, non-slip seat, and suction cups. Apart from the charger, all other parts of the electric bath chair are waterproof. Their power design ensures electrical safety during use, employing safe low-voltage batteries and waterproof sealing technology to reduce the risk of electric shock.

VOCIC electric bath lift chair accessories

Who Needs an Electric Bath Chair?

This type of bath chair serves not only as an electric bath lift for the disabled but is also well-suited for the following groups:

  • Elderly individuals: As age progresses, some may find bathing inconvenient or may be unwilling to do so. Electric bath chairs offer them hygiene, comfort, and privacy.
  • Individuals in rehabilitation: Caregivers or family members can adjust bathing positions based on individual needs, aiding those in recovery to maintain optimal comfort during bathing while also saving caregivers time and effort.
  • Additionally, it accommodates others who face challenges with independent bathing.

8 Benefits of Using an Electric Bath Lift Chair

Most electric bath lifts offer several key benefits:

  1. Space-saving: Electric bath chairs are foldable, allowing you to store them in any spare space at home when not in use.
  2. Simple operation: Typically, there are only three buttons - up, down, and pause - making it as easy as 1-2-3. Even seniors can quickly and easily learn to use them.
  3. Recline ability: The ability to adjust bathing positions is crucial for those seeking therapeutic and relaxation benefits, providing a comfortable bathing experience.
  4. Privacy and independence: You can bathe whenever you want, providing you with privacy and independence while bathing.
  5. Comfort: Unlike walk-in bathtubs, you don't have to wait for the tub to fill with water, and you don't have to remain in an upright position. With an electric bath lift, you can recline and soak your sore muscles in warm water.
  6. Doubles as a floor lift: As an aid for getting up after a fall, it can transfer users to comfortable places like sofas.
  7. Waterproof materials: On one hand, they alleviate concerns about rust and bacteria growth. On the other hand, they reduce cleaning costs; if the bath lift chair gets dirty, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
  8. Cost-effectiveness: Compared to bathroom renovations, electric bath lift chairs are more affordable, typically ranging from $400 to $600.
VOCIC AXO7 bath lift chair work as a floor lift

How Does an Electric Bath Lift Work?

The electric bath lift chair operates with the assistance of an electric motor, enabling users to safely and easily enter and exit the bathtub. Its working principle is as follows:

  • Structural design: Typically, an electric bath lift chair consists of a seat section and a control system. The seat is mounted on a vertically movable frame, which allows it to rise above the bathtub edge and lower to the bottom of the bathtub.
  • Electric motor and battery: The bath chair lift is powered by a built-in electric motor, usually supplied by a waterproof rechargeable battery, ensuring safety during use. These batteries are typically low voltage to reduce the risk of electric shock.
  • Operation method: Users control the bath lift chair's movement using a waterproof remote control. When users want to enter the bathtub, they sit on the bath lift chair and then lower it to the lowest position using the remote control. Similarly, when leaving, they raise the electric bath chair to the edge of the bathtub.
  • Safety features: For safety purposes, many electric bath lift chairs are equipped with emergency stop buttons, non-slip seats, and backrests, as well as low battery warnings, among other safety functions.

In this way, electric bath lift chairs significantly reduce the risk of slipping or falling, which enables users in need to bathe more safely and independently.

11 Tips on How to Use an Electric Bath Lift Chair Safely? 

  1. Read the manual: Before initial use, carefully read and understand the product manual to ensure you comprehend all operating procedures and safety warnings.
  2. Bath chair lift battery: Prior to the initial operation of the bath lift chair, charge the battery for 24 hours.
  3. Within the weight limits: Ensure you do not exceed the maximum weight capacity recommended for the device to avoid damage or accidents.
  4. Charging safety: Keep the battery away from water when charging (i.e., do not charge in the bathroom).
  5. Check the equipment: Before each use, inspect the electric bath lift chair for any signs of damage or wear, especially the power cord and controller, ensuring the battery is fully charged.
  6. Proper installation: Ensure the bath lift chair is correctly installed inside the bathtub and securely fixed in the appropriate position according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
  7. Initial use: Initially, if possible, have family members or caregivers assist you until you are fully accustomed to and able to operate the electric bath lift chair safely.
  8. Emergency: Ensure you know how to immediately stop the device's operation in case of an emergency and understand how to manually operate the device in case of a power failure.
  9. Regular maintenance: Follow the manufacturer's maintenance guide to regularly inspect and maintain the electric bath lift chair, keeping the equipment in optimal condition.
  10. Connect the battery and controller.
  11. Secure suction feet and side panels. Install the electric bath chair in a smooth, clean bathtub free from obstacles or debris.

Safe Electric Bath Lift Chair Near Me From VOCIC

VOCIC AX07 Lightweight Waterproof Electric Bath Lift Chair


If you're looking for a safe electric bath lift, consider the VOCIC electric bath chairs, which are one of the top-selling in the market. such as the VOCIC AX07 Lightweight Waterproof Electric Bath Lift Chair. In addition to the aforementioned advantages, it also offers the following features:

  • This bath lift chair can be used both as a floor lift in various settings, like the living room, and as a shower chair in the bathroom.
  • Compact structure, foldable, which occupies minimal space for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Operates on a 14.8V safe voltage, eliminating the risk of electric shock.
  • Waterproof material is rated IP68, which is the highest level of waterproofing.
  • Equipped with 6 suction cups at the bottom for enhanced stability and anti-slip effect.
  • Modular assembly allows for folding and disassembly between the backrest and seat, automatically locking in place on the seat base when raised to prevent accidental tilting of the backrest.
  • The bath lift chair can raise when there is sufficient power, otherwise, it can only lower.
  • With blue and white colors, reducing the risk of collision due to color blending, is particularly beneficial for those with poor vision.


Under typical conditions, electric bath lift chairs are safe due to their waterproof materials and low-voltage safety features, which minimize the risk of electric shock. This article elucidates the safety of bath lift chairs through their construction and operational principles. Additionally, it offers seven tips for safely using electric bath chairs. If you're looking for a reliable electric bath lift chair, the VOCIC AX07 Lightweight Waterproof Electric Bath Lift Chair is a good choice.

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