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How to Choose a Bath Lift Chair for Seniors?
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How to Choose a Bath Lift Chair for Seniors?

The bath lift chair enables safe and comfortable entry and exit from the bath. It particularly suits individuals with joint pain, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, paralysis, or general limited mobility. Selecting the right bath chair lift is vital, impacting not just personal comfort but also safety, independence, and overall quality of life. This article discusses bath chair lift types and key considerations for making the best choice.


Bathing in a bathtub, relaxing

Which Bath Lift Chair is Best for me?

With various options available, the four main types include water-powered, air-powered, battery-powered, and manual crank-style bath lifts.

Battery-powered Bath Lift Chairs

Currently, battery-powered bath lifts are among the most common types of bath lifts available in the market. They are especially suitable for those who want to bathe independently or enjoy a deep immersion experience in the bathtub.

They typically come with a handheld remote control, allowing individuals to smoothly raise and lower the seat. In addition, the power remote can be used to adjust the recliner. A caregiver mentioned that users can independently use a handheld remote control to adjust its position according to their own needs. This not only helps the users maintain the most comfortable bathing posture but also assists the caregiver in saving time and physical effort.


VOCIC Battery-Powered Bath Lifts with reclining capabilities

Water-powered Bath Lift Chairs

These lifts use water pressure to raise and lower the seat. They are installed by attaching a water connection to a shower head. Water-powered bath lifts are a suitable option for users who do not have access to batteries, as they require only a water source to operate.

Air-powered Bath Lift Chairs

Air-powered lifts use air pressure to control the seat. They are lightweight and easy to transport. These lifts are suitable for individuals who prefer a softer and more gentle seating experience. They are also a good option for users with limited body strength.

Air-powered Bath Lifts

Manual Crank-style Bath Lift Chairs

Crank-style bath lifts feature a manual handle that allows the user or caregiver to crank the seat up and down. They are simple and cost-effective but require some physical effort to operate. Manual crank-style lifts are a good choice for individuals who prefer a non-electric option.

Manual Crank-style Bath Lifts

8 Tips on How to Choose a Bath Chair Lift for the Elderly

Choosing a high-quality bath lift chair is crucial for seniors as it enhances bathroom safety, maintains individual independence, improves bathing comfort, promotes mental well-being, and alleviates caregiver burden. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing, regardless of the type of bath lift chair.

1. Weight Capacity

Seniors may have a larger body weight due to age or health conditions, making it crucial to choose a bath lift chair with an appropriate weight capacity to ensure stability during use. It's essential to check the weight capacity of the bath chair lift to ensure it can safely support your body weight. Most bath chair lifts have weight capacities ranging from 250 to 400 pounds.

2. Seat Size and Comfort

Considering the size and comfort of the seat. Look for a bath lift chair that provides a comfortable and supportive seat with sufficient width and depth to accommodate your body. Besides, ensure the bath lift chair size fits your bathtub; when raised, it can securely rest against the tub's edge. This setup may be preferred by those who like sitting on the edge of the seat before sliding over to the center of the tub.

3. Reclining Ability

Some bath chair lifts come with a reclining feature, allowing you to adjust the seat angle for a comfortable bathing position. For patients who need to maintain specific positions during bathing, such as those with weak muscle strength, a bath lift with reclining ability can effectively assist them.

4. Installation and Setup

Considering the ease of installation and setup. Look for an electric bath lift that can be easily installed and removed without causing damage to the bathtub or bathroom. Alternatively, opt for pre-assembled products to save time for seniors, allowing them to avoid the hassle of going through instruction manuals and reducing potential anxiety.

5. Safety Features

Ensuring that the bath chair lift has safety features such as a non-slip seat, suction feet to secure it to the bottom of the tub and emergency stop controls. These features will help prevent accidents and ensure your safety while using the electric bath lift. In addition, having comprehensive safety features enhances the confidence of seniors when using a bath lift chair, encouraging them to bathe and shower independently.

6. Battery

Most bath chair lifts on the market are powered by rechargeable batteries. With the press of a button, the bath chair lift can lower and raise the user. Bath lifts with longer battery life don't require frequent charging, typically needing only 2-3 hours to fully charge. It's crucial to consider the bath chair lift's battery life and its ability to prevent descent when not sufficiently powered, ensuring users won't get stuck in the tub. On average, a fully charged bath lift chair can perform 7-12 lifts, though this varies based on the model, the user's weight, and the battery's condition.

7. Non-slip Surfaces

Non-slip surfaces offer enhanced protection to people who are more susceptible to injuries, reducing the risk of harm caused by slips and falls. Additionally, while it might seem that non-slip surfaces could complicate cleaning efforts, many modern non-slip materials and technologies have been developed with ease of cleaning in mind, which results in surfaces that are not only easy to clean but also resistant to dirt and grime accumulation.

8. Vibrant Colors

White bath lift chairs often blend into the bathtub, making them difficult to distinguish. This lack of contrast poses challenges for visually impaired individuals to discern their boundaries, increasing the risk of bumps and injuries as users enter and exit the bathroom.

How Much Does an Electric Bath Chair Lift Cost?

In general, the price of a bath chair lift is primarily determined by the functionalities and features it offers, and it is also influenced by the type of bath lift chair you choose. Typically, it may cost around $500 to $1000. For instance, VOCIC AX07 Lightweight Waterproof Electric Bath Lift Chair, a battery-powered bath lift chair by VOCIC, is priced at $449. This chair not only aligns with the factors mentioned above, catering the bathing needs of the majority of seniors, but it also features ergonomic design for added comfort. Made from PA66 material, it possesses waterproof and antibacterial properties. Furthermore, with a weight of 23 lbs, it is lightweight and easily foldable.

VOCIC Lightweight Electric Bath Lift Chair

Final Thought

In summary, when choosing a bath lift for the elderly, consider the type, weight capacity, reclining ability, installation and setup, and safety features. Assessing these factors will ensure the senior's comfort and safety while using the bath lift chair. Additionally, the price is also determined by these factors, so comprehensive consideration is essential when making a decision. Finally, you can consider the VOCIC AX07 Lightweight Electric Bath Lift Chair if you're looking a comfortable, safe, and affordable battery-powered bath lift.

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