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VOLLGUT Heating Massage Belt

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VOLLGUT Heating Massage Belt

Our belts are made of soft Lycra fabric to ensure gentle contact with the skin and provide a light touch. They feature four massage zones, are designed for cordless use, and the attached storage bag makes it easy to fold, store or carry, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing experience on the go.


3 Heating Modes

5 Massage Modes

Storage Bag

Quick Wipe Clean

Extension Strap

Skin Recognition

Time Shutdown Function

15 Gears Intensity Adjustments

Thoughtful Gift for Family and Friends

Prepare a gift for your hard-working family members that they need

Household Task

Is household work causing your loved ones to suffer from nagging lower back tension?A soothing solution designed to alleviate their pain. Don't let chores hold them back. gift them the comfort they deserve!

Baby Caregivers

Embrace Motherhood Pain-Free! New moms, are endless hours of cradling your little ones to sleep leaving your back in agony? Let motherhood be a joy, not a pain – experience the comfort you deserve!

Sedentary Individuals

Elevate Your Comfort at the Desk! Hard Working professionals who endure both job stress and the discomfort of prolonged sitting Don't let desk-bound hours take a toll on your well-being

Women with Menstrual Pain

Our mssage belt's targeted electrical stimulation. Plus, the added heating feature ensures ultimate comfort for your abdomen. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to soothing relief

Tailored massage options

The soothing power of warmth and massage for unparalleled relaxation. With three personalized heating modes, choose from our Daily Maintenance mode set at 100°F for everyday comfort, the Menstrual Care mode at 104°F for soothing relief, and the Deep Temperature mode at 108°F for ine relaxation.

Adapts to various body types

With the purchase of this product, you will receive a free extension strap for all body types. Larger, thermostatic heating zones provide easy back relief. Our belts are crafted from soft lycra fabric, ensuring a gentle touch on the skin and delivering a lightweight and skin-friendly experience.

Easy to clean

Every part of this heating massage belt is waterproof except the controller. It is easy to wipe or clean with water. No need to worry about sweat or washing.

Electric pulse

Our advanced device employs a safe and non-invasive technique, delicately sending mild electrical pulses through your skin to stimulate nerves in the lumbar area. Coupled with a comfortable temperature, it effectively eases pain in the lower back and abdomen, promoting overall well-being.

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