Innovative design for more convenient use

D91 Fold-Go Revolutionary Foldable Mobility Scooter

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Innovative Design for More Convenient Use

Fold-Go Revolutionary Foldable Mobility Scooter

This innovative VOCIC folding scooter comes with three operation methods, foldable for car and airplane transport, is a perfect mobility scooter for seniors looking for easy travel.



265 lbs Weight Capacity

Electromagnetic Braking

Innovative Folding

USB Charging

Airplane Truck Transport

270W Brushless Motor

2x6Ah Lithium Battery

Innovative 3 Folding Modes for Saving Time

Using this scooter frees you from the complicated folding process. This one-click folding method saves you the effort of dealing with complex folding steps. Whether it's remote-controlled, automatic folding, or manual folding, this scooter ensures your convenience and adaptability.
PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure that the seat is manually folded before initiating any folding process.

Remote-Controlled Folding

Just press the fold button on telecontroller, this scooter will be folded in 15 seconds.

Automatic Folding

Locate the central folding button on the scooter and effortlessly start folding.

Manual Folding

Lift up the handle in the middle position, and the scooter will be folded.

Improved Ease of Use

We've taken your comfort and ease of operation into account with thoughtful features.

Adjustable Storage Basket

The adjustable storage bin suits your needs. Additionally, the basket can be folded, making it easy to travel with.

LED Control Panel

The LCD screen provides clear visibility of battery levels and speed, ensuring you're always in charge. The buttons located nearby can rotate for speed adjustment, catering to different road conditions.

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Unfold Dimention(L x W x H) 38.5"×19.2"x33.4" 49.2"×20.0"x39.3" 39.3"×20.6"x35.0" 43.3"×20.6"x36.2" 37.0"×19.6"x33.0"
Seat Size(Wx Dx H) 16.5"x15.7"×14.5" 17.3"x16.9"×18.1" 16.9"x16.1"×13.7" 16.9"x15.3"×16.1" 16.9"x13.7"×20.4"
Miles Per Charge 15.5 miles 12.4 miles 15.5 miles 9.3 miles 9.3 miles
Turning Radius 47.2" 62.9" 27.5" 59.0" 35.4"
Incline Rating 12° 10° 10°
Frame Materials Aluminium alloy Steels Aluminium alloy Irony Irony
Shock Absorption Rear Shock Absorption Image Rear Shock Absorption Image
Motor Brushless Motor 270W Brushless Motor 250W Brushless Motor 250W Brushless Motor 300W Brushless Motor 180W
Battery Capacity Lithium Battery 2x6Ah Lead acid battery 1x20Ah Lithium Battery 1x20Ah Lead acid battery 2x12Ah Lead acid battery 2x12Ah
Weight of Heaviest Part 12.3 lbs 61.9 lbs 33.0 lbs 60.6 lbs 19.8 lbs
USB Port Image Image Image Image Image
FDA Certified Image Image Image FDA II FDA II

Commonly Asked Questions

Check out below commonly asked questions. Our support team is only an email away to answer any questions you might have.

What is the weight of the scooter?

The scooter's total weight is 62.83 lbs. When you split it into parts, the heaviest one is 12.34 lbs.

What is the material of the tire?

It’s solid polyurethane tires and the front tie length is 6.5'', and rear tire length is 7.5''.

Can it be charged? How far can the scooter run on one charge?

Yes, it can. And the battery holds up to 15.53 miles per charge.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

It can be fully charged in only 3 hours using the standard charger that comes with the scooter.

Will the scooter remind me when the battery is low or full?

There is battery level in the scooter. When the light is red, it means the battery is charging. When the light is green, it means the battery is fully charged.

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