Will Medicare Pay for Adult Mobility Scooters?

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Will Medicare Pay for Adult Mobility Scooters?

Will Medicare Pay for Adult Mobility Scooters?

Mobility scooters offer assistance to individuals, especially the elderly, facing challenges with conventional walkers and canes, enabling them to cover longer distances with reduced discomfort. However, adult mobility scooters may be expensive and beyond your budget. Some people may hope for support from Medicare. So, the questions arise: Is a mobility scooter covered by Medicare? How can you obtain a free mobility scooter through Medicare? How often will Medicare provide coverage for a mobility scooter? By the end of this article, you will find the answers to these questions.

Fill out information for your Medicare

Can You Get a Mobility Scooter Through Medicare?

It's possible, but you need to meet certain conditions. But before I get started, let me briefly explain ‘What is durable medical equipment?’. According to Medicare, DME is defined as equipment that meets these criteria: durable (can withstand repeated use), used for a medical reason, typically only useful to someone who is sick or injured, used in your home and expected to last at least 3 years. Medicare is divided into four parts, and Part B (Medical Insurance) can cover some durable medical equipment (DME), including walkers, wheelchairs, and mobility scooters. So, if you're looking to obtain an adult mobility scooter through Medicare, what conditions do you need to fulfill? Keep scrolling to find out.


Medicare Plan B

How Do I Get a Mobility Scooter Through Medicare?

First, make sure you have enrolled in the Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) plan. If not, you can apply it on the Medicare website. The eligible individuals include:

  • U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents aged 65 and above
  • Younger individuals with specific diseases, such as End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease
  • Make sure you have enrolled in Medicare A and so on

After that, you can proceed with the application following the steps below.

Step 1:A Face-to-Face Examination with Medicare Enrolled Doctor

In order to obtain an adult mobility scooter from Medicare, one must have a face-to-face consultation with Medicare enrolled doctor to discuss your mobility needs and assess your suitability for a mobility scooter. Medicare will only cover your DME if your doctors and DME suppliers are enrolled in Medicare.
By the way, you can visit here to find Medicare enrolled doctor near you.

Step 2:A Medical Prescription Written by Medicare Enrolled Doctor

Your doctor will evaluate whether you need a mobility scooter and he will give you a medical prescription written by him to prove you need a mobility scooter.

Consult details with a doctor
Meanwhile, if you have limited mobility and meet all these conditions:
  • You have a health condition that causes difficulty moving around in your home or going outside, facing challenges in performing daily activities within your own space (such as bathing, dressing, getting in or out of a bed or chair, or using the bathroom).
  • You have the physical capability and coordination required to use the mobility scooter without assistance or have a helper who is always ready to assist you in using the mobility scooter safely.
  • The doctor confirms that you require a mobility scooter according to your condition, and the supplier offering the device must both accept Medicare.
  • The doctor or supplier must visit the patient’s home to confirm that they can use the mobility scooter within their living environment, ensuring the mobility scooter is suitable for the patient’s home conditions.

Step 3: Consult the Coverage with the Doctor or DME Suppliers

Inquire about the coverage from your doctor or mobility scooter suppliers enrolled in Medicare. Click here to find nearby DME suppliers. Generally, Medicare covers 80% of the cost of a mobility scooter, leaving you responsible for the remaining 20%. The final reimbursement amount depends on the relevant policies at the time and the brand and price of the mobility scooter you purchase.

Step 4: Prior Authorization Request

Seek assistance from your DME supplier, and they will handle the prior authorization request for you.

Step 5: Submit the Application to Medicare

Finally, the DME suppliers will submit the prior authorization request and other documents, such as your personal Medicare ID and identification information, to Medicare by mail. If the application is approved, you will receive the mobility scooter. If it is not approved, you may need to provide additional supplementary information or proceed with a self-purchase.

self-purchase for Medicare

How Often Will Medicare Pay for a Mobility scooter?

Unless there are special situations, Medicare will normally pay for a new wheelchair or mobility scooter every five years. Medicare may also pay for fixing wheelchairs and mobility scooters. If you rent them, you may not have to pay anything extra for repairs because they are included in the rental contract.

Does Medicare Pay for Mobility Scooters for Seniors? 

Yes, this might be possible. Firstly, you need to be enrolled in the Part B (Medical Insurance) plan. Secondly, you need to meet the conditions mentioned above, such as consulting a doctor, obtaining doctor approval, and ensuring that the purchased adult mobility scooter is covered by Part B (Medical Insurance).

4 wheel mobility scooter for outdoor use

How to Get a Mobility Scooter Without Medicare?

You may consider the following ways:

Private Insurance

You can consult with insurance companies such as Aetna to assess whether you are eligible based on the specific coverage of the commercial insurance you intend to purchase, as well as the mobility scooter type.


Alternatively, you have the option to lease durable medical equipment (DME), depending on your location and available rental companies.

Purchase from a Reputable Company

Specialized companies can offer diverse products along with professional services, including buying guides, installation guidance, and after-sales support, helping you save time and effort. VOCIC is a prime example, offering a product range that includes mobility aids and home daily care goods and VOCIC service team also provides 24-hour responses to your inquiries. VOCIC mobility scooters foldable offer a diverse range, including 3 wheel mobility scooters, 4 wheel mobility scooters with electric automatic folding features, and 4 wheel mobility scooters equipped with accessories like umbrellas and more. Moreover, VOCIC mobility scooters are categorized based on weight, including lightweight, medium-weight, and heavyweight models. Additionally, installment payments are available on VOCIC.com now, offering financial flexibility and budget management

VOCIC 4 wheel Mobility Scooters for Seniors

Final Thoughts

In summary, Part B (Medical Insurance) may be beneficial for those looking to purchase durable medical equipment (DME), especially seniors. Besides, Medicare will only cover your DME if your doctors and DME suppliers are enrolled in Medicare. Apart from that, you also have the option to choose private insurance, rent mobility aids, or make a purchase from a reputable company.

Other Information You Might Want to Know

Q: Can I rent a mobility scooter? 
A: It depends on your location and needs. You can search online or call for information. 

Q: Is a rented mobility scooter covered by Medicare Plan B? 
A: Generally, these insurances do not directly cover the rental costs of electric mobility scooters. However, you may be able to purchase insurance options offered by the rental company. Understand the coverage, costs, deductibles, and any other relevant terms and conditions. Some rental companies may offer multiple insurance plans, allowing you to choose and purchase the appropriate coverage based on your needs.

Q: Is VOCIC's product included in the Part B (Medical Insurance) plan?
A: No, VOCIC is working on it. Perhaps in the near future, it will finally come true.

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