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How to Fold Manual and Electric Wheelchairs?
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How to Fold Manual and Electric Wheelchairs?

Whether for transportation or storage purposes, knowing how to fold a wheelchair is a vital skill. VOCIC will take you through a comprehensive guide on how to correctly and safely fold a wheelchair for both manual and electric wheelchairs. We will explore simple, step-by-step techniques, thereby increasing the ease and convenience of wheelchair usage. 

These practices will prove essential for wheelchair users, caregivers, or anyone involved in rehabilitation services. Let's delve into the efficient folding methods that can make your wheelchair usage experience a breeze.

Difference Between a Manual Wheelchair and an Electric Wheelchair

Delving deeper into the nuances between manual and electric wheelchairs will provide a clearer understanding, particularly when it comes to wheelchair folding mechanisms and design intricacy.

1. Manual Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs

They are predominantly lightweight from 15-50 lbs. and designed for easy maneuverability and transport. The frames are typically constructed from aluminum, titanium, or steel, affecting the chair's overall weight and durability. Most manual wheelchairs feature a cross-brace design that allows the user or caregiver to fold the chair by pulling up on the seat or pressing down on the seat rails. 

This action collapses the wheelchair into a narrow profile, making it convenient for storage in car trunks or other tight spaces. The ease of folding enhances the wheelchair's portability, making manual chairs a preferred option for users with active lifestyles.

2. Electric Wheelchairs

Electric Wheelchair

These chairs embody advanced engineering to accommodate the motor and battery required for their operation. Given their complexity, electric wheelchairs are generally heavier and bulkier, weighing 50-250 lbs., which is much more than their manual counterparts. 

The folding mechanism in electric wheelchairs, where available, is more sophisticated, often involving several steps to disassemble parts like the joystick, seat back, or battery pack before the frame can be collapsed. This process is not as straightforward and requires more time and effort compared to folding a manual wheelchair.

Moreover, the compactness achieved after folding an electric wheelchair might not be as pronounced due to the inherent bulk of the components. However, some modern electric wheelchairs are designed with portability in mind, featuring lightweight materials and more streamlined folding processes that mimic manual wheelchair efficiency to a certain extent.

How Do You Fold a Manual Wheelchair?

Folding a manual wheelchair properly is an essential skill for ensuring it's easily transportable and storable. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to fold a manual wheelchair, informed by the information provided:

  • Stabilize the Wheelchair: To prevent it from moving while trying to fold it, always start by engaging the brakes. This locks the wheels, ensuring a safer and easier folding process.
  • Prepare the Footrests: This step varies depending on the wheelchair design. If the footrests are detachable, remove them to provide easier folding. For non-detachable ones, make sure they are folded upwards or swung aside.
  • Fold the Chair: Position yourself in front of the wheelchair. Grasp the front and back of the seat, then lift or push depending on the model. This action will draw the sides of the wheelchair towards each other, initiating the folding process.
  • Secure the Fold: Confirm that the wheelchair remains in its folded state, ensuring it's locked or secured in place. This will prevent it from unexpectedly unfolding during transportation or storage.

Note: Although this guide outlines the general process, nuances may exist between different models. Always refer to your specific user guide for a manual fold-up wheelchair for precise instructions.

How Do You Fold an Electric Wheelchair?

Fold An Electric Wheelchair

Folding an electric wheelchair requires a slightly different approach compared to a manual wheelchair due to its motor, battery, and other electrical components. Here's a simplified guide on how to fold drive wheelchair or an electric wheelchair safely and efficiently:

  • Power Down: Begin by turning off the wheelchair to ensure there's no accidental activation of the controls during the folding process.
  • Disconnect the Power: If possible, disconnect or turn off the battery. This step is crucial for safety and to prevent any electrical issues while handling the chair.
  • Prepare the Wheelchair: Depending on the model, you might need to remove the joystick or control panel or at least ensure it's properly secured and won't get damaged. For wheelchairs with removable batteries, take them out to lessen the weight and make the chair easier to handle.
  • Fold Down the Backrest: Many electric wheelchairs have a feature that allows the backrest to fold down onto the seat. If your wheelchair offers this, gently push the backrest down until it lays flat over the seat cushion.
  • Collapse the Frame: Locate the folding mechanism, which is usually a lever or button designed for this specific purpose. Use it to initiate the fold, which typically involves bringing the sides of the wheelchair together, similar to a manual chair. Some models might fold differently, so it's essential to know your specific wheelchair's method.
  • Ensure Everything is Secure: Once folded, double-check that the wheelchair is securely in this compact state. Look out for any loose components that might need securing or removal for transport.
  • Transport and Storage: Now that the wheelchair is in a more manageable form, you can proceed with loading it into a vehicle or moving it to a storage area. Remember that even folded electric wheelchairs can be heavy, so exercise caution and use proper lifting techniques to avoid injury.

If you need visual assistance with the process, you can refer to how to fold a wheelchair video

Note: Electric wheelchair models vary greatly in their design and folding mechanisms. Always refer to the user manual of your specific wheelchair for detailed instructions tailored to your model, ensuring a safe and efficient folding process.

How Do You Unfold a Wheelchair After It's Been Folded?

To unfold a wheelchair after it's been folded, follow these straightforward steps:

For manual wheelchairs

  • Prepare the Area: Ensure you have ample space around you to unfold the wheelchair safely without any obstructions. Once it expands, it's essential to prevent the wheelchair from hitting anything or anyone.
  • Stabilize the Wheelchair: Grip the sides of the wheelchair - one hand should be placed near the front edge of the seat and the other near the back. This positioning will help you maintain control as you unfold the chair.
  • Unfolding Action: Gently pull on the seat parts (the front and back) away from each other. As you do this, you'll notice the wheelchair starting to expand and take shape. It helps to do this with a smooth, steady motion to avoid any sudden jerky movements that might make the wheelchair snap open too quickly.
  • Secure the Frame: Once the wheelchair is fully open, press down lightly on the seat to ensure the frame locks securely in place. This step is crucial for the safety and stability of the wheelchair.
  • Attach Footrests: If you had removed the footrests while folding the wheelchair, now is the time to reattach them. Make sure they are securely fixed and adjusted according to the user's comfort.
  • Final Checks: Give the wheelchair a once-over to confirm everything is in order. Check that the brakes are working correctly, the seat is firm and secure, and there are no loose parts. This ensures that the wheelchair is safe for the occupant to use.

For Electric Wheelchairs

Initial Preparation: Make sure the wheelchair is positioned in a space that's free from obstacles. This ensures you have enough room to unfold it safely.

  • Engage the Unlock Mechanism: Most electric wheelchairs have a specific mechanism to unlock the frame so it can be unfolded. Find it in your model and gently trigger it.
  • Open the Chair: With the locking mechanism disengaged, carefully pull the armrests apart or otherwise open up the frame, depending on the design of your wheelchair. This may involve lifting a designated part of the seat or pulling on specific bars or handles crafted for this purpose.
  • Ensure Proper Opening: Once you've started to unfold the wheelchair, make sure to fully open it until it shows clear sign—whether by an audible click or visual indication—that it's fully open and locked in place.
  • Install the Components: If you have removed any components, such as the joystick, footrests, or seat cushions, when folding the wheelchair, it's time to reattach them. Make sure they're properly secured to prevent any accidents or discomfort when the chair is in use.
  • Final Checks: Take a moment to do a final check once the wheelchair is unfolded and the parts are in place. Test the brakes, ensure the seat is secure, and check for any potentially loose parts.

Remember, instructions may vary slightly between different electric wheelchair models, so it's always best to consult your device's user manual for wheelchair assembly instructions.

What Precautions Should I Take When Folding a Wheelchair?

  • Engage the brakes on the wheelchair before beginning to fold it to avoid unintended movement.
  • Ensure the user and all items are removed from the wheelchair to prevent accidents while folding.
  • Clear the surrounding area of obstacles to avoid damage or injuries during the folding process.
  • Use correct lifting and folding techniques to avoid strain or injury to yourself.
  • For electric wheelchairs, ensure the power is off and, if necessary, disconnect the battery.
  • Always follow the specific instructions for your wheelchair model to ensure a safe and correct folding procedure.

Key Takeaway 

Mastering the art of folding a wheelchair, whether manual or electric, is essential for enhancing its portability and simplifying storage. 

  • For manual wheelchairs, the process typically involves engaging the brakes, removing detachable parts like footrests, and activating the seat's folding mechanism. 
  • On the other hand, folding an electric wheelchair might require additional steps such as turning off the power, disconnecting the battery, and ensuring electronic components are secured. 

Regardless of the type, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damage. Understanding how to fold up a wheelchair properly not only extends its lifespan but also makes daily life more convenient for both the user and caregiver, ensuring that mobility challenges are met with the right solutions. 

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