Why is My Alternating Pressure Air Mattress Causing Back Pain?

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Why is My Alternating Pressure Air Mattress Causing Back Pain?

Why is My Alternating Pressure Air Mattress Causing Back Pain?

As an elderly or adult dealing with back pain or bedsores, you may have purchased an alternating pressure air mattress based on your own decision, anticipating that this product would address your issues. However, reality may not align with expectations, and each morning you wake up feeling discomfort in your back. What are the reasons that cause your back pain? Keep rolling.

What is an Alternating Pressure Air Mattress?

The alternating pressure air mattress is typically constructed from materials like vinyl, plastic, or rubber and relies on air for support. They consist of air tubes running through the mattress, allowing users to adjust the amount of air inside to achieve personalized comfort and support levels. With good inflation, the mattress is puffy and filled with air, providing a soft and comfortable feeling when lying on the bed to sleep.

We can also refer to it as an air mattress for bedsores because it is particularly suitable for individuals with back pain, whether it be elderly individuals with fragile bones, young people who need to lie in bed due to illness, or mothers who experience hip pain.

VOCIC S07 Air Pressure Mattress with Removable Air Cells

What are the Alternating Pressure Air Mattress Benefits?

Alternating pressure air mattresses can well solve various types of back pain relief. They work by allowing users to customize the level of firmness through the inflation or deflation of individual air chambers, providing precise support and comfort. According to sleep researchers, they have the following benefits

Avoid Bedsores

Alternating pressure air mattresses help alleviate pressure distribution on the mattress by regularly changing air pressure, reducing the risk of bedsores caused by prolonged patient bed rest.

VOCIC S12VA Strip Alternating Air Pressure Mattress

Promote Blood Circulation

By providing appropriate changes in air pressure, they assist in promoting blood circulation, which prevents circulation issues that may arise from maintaining the same position for extended periods.

Reduce Back Pain Risk

For individuals who need to lie down for extended periods, alternating pressure mattresses can help decrease the risk of back pain, providing better support and posture adjustment.

Suitable for Various Patients

Alternating pressure mattresses are suitable for various conditions, including fracture recovery, bed rest, post-surgery recovery, and even for mothers experiencing hip pain after pregnancy.

Possible Reasons for an Alternating Pressure Air Mattress Cause Back Pain 


The firmness of the alternating pressure air mattress may not be suitable for your body and sleeping posture, leading to inadequate support and relaxation for your spine and muscles. You can try adjusting the air pressure of the mattress to find the most comfortable setting for you.


The poor quality of the alternating pressure air mattress can result in issues such as air leaks, sinking, or deformation, affecting both the quality of your sleep and the health of your back. Opting for brands and materials known for better quality is advised. It's worth noting that even high-quality inflatable mattresses may gradually lose their supportive performance over time, increasing the risk of back pain. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly replace the alternating pressure air mattress.

Incorrect Usage

Improper use of the alternating pressure air mattress, such as placing it on uneven or unclean surfaces or stacking it with other mattresses, can increase pressure or irritation on the back. Keeping the alternating pressure air mattress clean and on a flat surface, while avoiding its use in conjunction with other mattresses, can help alleviate these issues.

Other Factors

The alternating pressure air mattress may not be the root cause of back pain; it could be attributed to other physical or psychological factors. For instance, you might have conditions affecting the spine or soft tissues, such as herniated discs, osteoporosis, or muscle strains. Alternatively, poor lifestyle habits like prolonged incorrect sitting posture, a lack of exercise, smoking, or excessive stress could also contribute to back pain.

How to Choose the Best Alternating Pressure Air Pressure Mattress to Avoid Back Pain?

When selecting an alternating pressure air mattress that caters to your back's needs, it's essential to find the perfect balance of comfort and support for rejuvenating sleep. You might take note of the following points:

Adjustable Firmness

Choose an alternating pressure air mattress that allows you to customize the firmness based on your personal preferences and body condition. For example, the alternating pressure air mattress comes with a pressure pump offering multiple settings, which allows you to inflate according to your body's needs.

Quality and Durability

Prioritize the quality and durability of the alternating pressure air mattress. Opt for products that are made of high-quality materials, such as PVC, a commonly used plastic material known for its sturdiness and durability. This ensures a longer lifespan, and resistance to deformation, and wear. Moreover, PVC's easy cleaning and waterproof properties make it convenient for dealing with perspiration during sleep.

Alternating Air Pressure Mattress with Material of PVC


Ensure that you select the appropriate size to fit your sleeping space and personal preferences. Some alternating pressure air mattresses offer various size options, including single, double, and king sizes. Please measure your bed before making a purchase.

Weight Capacity

The design of alternating pressure air mattresses considers a specific weight range, exceeding which may lead to loss of support, increasing the risk of ruptures or leaks. The common weight capacity found on the market is typically around 300 - 350 lbs.

The Low Noise

For people sensitive to environmental noise, it is preferable to choose an alternating pressure air mattress with minimal operational noise. When used in shared environments, such as hospital rooms or nursing homes, a low-noise air mattress can reduce disturbance to other patients or residents.


When purchasing an alternating pressure air mattress, carefully review the warranty terms to understand the coverage, duration, conditions, and procedures for repairs or replacements. This provides added assurance for your purchase, ensuring the best experience and service throughout the mattress's lifespan.


The right alternating pressure air mattress can be a game-changer for your back, offering a path to restful nights and pain-free mornings. If your air mattress causes your back pain, you may consider factors such as firmness, quality, incorrect usage, and so on. You might choose an alternating pressure air mattress with adjustable firmness, quality, durability, size, weight capacity, a professional service team, and a warranty to maximize your comfort and support. Besides, If you are looking for an alternating pressure air mattress that is suitable for various beds like a hospital bed and a twin bed, feel free to check out the VOCIC pressure air mattress, which qualifies for all the factors mentioned above. VOCIC also has suitable walker for seniors and mobility scooters, so check out our website if you need them.

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