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Best Bath Lift Chair for Elderly on VOCIC
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Best Bath Lift Chair for Elderly on VOCIC

When it comes to the safety and comfort of elderly individuals during bath time, one effective solution is the use of a bath lift chair. It is an electric device designed to assist people with limited mobility in safely entering and exiting the bathtub. 


What is a Bath Lift Chair for the Elderly?

Bath lift chairs are valuable tools for individuals with restricted mobility. They simplify the process of getting in and out of the bathtub, significantly reducing potential risks during bathing. These devices are beneficial not only for the elderly but also for various other groups, such as:

  • Joint pain
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • General limited mobility
  • Paralysis
  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Rehabilitation period
  • ...


A senior in the bathroom


7 Reasons to Choose the VOCIC AX07 Electric Bath Lift Chair

When choosing a bath lift chair, it's crucial to consider factors such as weight capacity, seat size and comfort, reclining ability, safety features, warranty, and more. In addition to these key features, it's essential to ensure that the product has relevant safety certifications, such as FDA approval. Let's delve further into the VOCIC AX07 Electric Bath Lift Chair as an example.


1. Weight Capacity: Supports up to 308 Pounds

Ensure that the bath lift chair can adequately support the user's weight. Exceeding the weight capacity not only increases the risk of slipping or falling but also accelerates wear and tear, reducing the chair's lifespan. Most bath lifts chair support weights ranging from 200 to 500 pounds. For instance, the VOCIC AX07 Electric Bath Lift Chair can bear up to 308 pounds, accommodating the majority of
elderly users.


VOCIC Electric Bath Lift Chair can bear up to 308 pounds


2. Ergonomic Seat for Better Comfort

The seat size should suit the user's body and bathtub dimensions to avoid sliding or getting stuck. Comfort depends on factors such as material and ergonomic design, with a comfortable bath lift chair effectively reducing joint and muscle strain. The VOCIC AX07 Electric Bath Lift Chair, for example, includes backrests for added safety and comfort.


3. Reclining Ability Provides More Space to Stretch

Reclining ability facilitates easier entry and exit from the bathtub, allowing users to transfer between the chair and tub more smoothly. It reduces body twisting and discomfort, allowing users to immerse themselves more deeply in the bath. This is crucial for those seeking therapeutic and relaxation benefits. Additionally, some users may require specific body positions during bathing for better caregiver assistance.

 VOCIC Electric Bath Lift Chair


4. Ease of Use Reduces Anxiety

For the elderly or rehabilitation patients, the bath lift chair for elderly should have a user-friendly controller. A simple interface reduces user anxiety, and straightforward operations enhance safety. The VOCIC AX07 Electric Bath Lift Chair, for instance, features only three buttons: up, down, and pause, making it easy for even the elderly to quickly learn. Additionally, considering the ease of installation and setup, the VOCIC AX07 Electric Bath Lift Chair comes almost fully assembled upon delivery, saving a significant amount of time.


VOCIC Electric Bath Lift Chair remote


5. Safety Features Give a Relaxing Bathing Experience

Safety is paramount. Features like suction cups at the chair's base ensure a stable grip on the bathtub, enhancing safety. Battery reminders, like the one on the VOCIC AX07 Electric Bath Lift Chair, with three different colored lights, indicate different battery level on the remote control, prompting users to charge it before bathing to avoid running out of power unexpectedly. Many elderly and patients lack a sense of security during baths, and a sudden loss of power can exacerbate their anxiety.


A senior is enjoying a relaxing time in the bathtub


6. As a Floor Lift to Lend You a Hand While Falling

Surprisingly, users of the VOCIC AX07 bath lift chair discovered its hidden functionality as a tool for assisting individuals in getting up after a fall.

This feature proved invaluable for individuals like Marian Boscia, who shared a personal experience of using the chair to help her husband with progressive MS who had fallen out of his wheelchair. "It saved us a visit from the paramedics last week. My husband has progressive MS that is well advanced. He fell out of his wheelchair when he was trying to transfer to his recliner. He did not have the strength to be able to even sit up on his own. I was able to roll him on his side, slip this lift under him and get him up to a seated position. From there was able to get him back in his wheelchair." she said.

The VOCIC AX07 Electric Bath Lift Chair not only serves as a tool to assist in getting up after a fall, for instance, in the bedroom, living room, on grass, and so on, but also, when used in conjunction with VOCIC rollator walker, it can transfer a person who has fallen from the ground to a bed or sofa.


A caregiver is transferring a senior to a bed


7. Waterproof Materials Save Cleaning Time and Care Costs

With its IP68 waterproof rating, which represents the highest level of waterproofing. And the VOCIC AX07 bath lift chair guarantees worry-free usage even during baths. It can be submerged in the bathtub while bathing, alleviating worries about rust and the growth of bacteria, thereby extending its longevity. Crafted from sturdy and waterproof materials, the shower chair is resistant to stains and odors. Should the bath lift chair become soiled, simply wiping it with a damp towel is sufficient. This can help lower cleaning expenses for both elderly individuals and caregivers.


If you or your family face the challenges mentioned above, or if there are individuals with conditions such as arthritis, dizziness, obesity, or reluctant elderly individuals in your home, consider trying an electric bath lift chair. The VOCIC AX07 Electric Bath Lift Chair, in particular, is a highly recommended option. It simplifies bathing, saves time, and even lends a helping hand in emergencies, such as when an elderly person falls, and those around may not be available daily. The VOCIC AX07 Electric Bath Lift Chair will be there to assist you.

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