15 Earth Day Activities for Seniors in 2024

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15 Earth Day Activities for Seniors in 2024
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15 Earth Day Activities for Seniors in 2024

It is estimated that over 800 million people worldwide still lack access to electricity, with the majority residing in rural areas of underserved and marginalized communities. Millions rely on kerosene for lighting, but it's dirty, dangerous, and provides poor illumination. In addition to energy poverty, we face numerous environmental challenges, including climate change, loss of biodiversity, and water scarcity. The good news is that more and more people globally are taking action to protect our planet.

April 22nd marks Earth Day 2024. As a senior, how can you participate in this effort to protect the Earth? Perhaps you can try some of these Earth Day activity ideas:

1. Travel with Mobility Aids

Opting for mobility aids like electric lightweight wheelchairs, 4 wheel rollator walkers with seats, or canes can help reduce carbon emissions, air pollution, and traffic congestion associated with car usage. You can:

  • Have friends or family push you with an electric lightweight wheelchair for outdoor Earth Day activities, gatherings, shopping, etc.
  • Use a rollator walker for throwing away trash, strolling, visiting parks, etc.
  • Use a cane for hiking, participating in community events, etc.

2. Start a Garden

You can kick off the spring season by starting a garden with your grandchildren. Planting various vegetables, fruits, or flowers not only lets you enjoy outdoor Earth Day activities but also contributes positively to the environment. Growing your own food can reduce reliance on store-bought produce, thus lowering carbon emissions from food transportation.

Seniors in the garden with children

3. Plant a Tree

If starting a garden feels too exhausting or your yard lacks space, consider purchasing a small tree to plant in your yard.

4. Donate Old Clothes

The fashion industry is one of the world's largest waste producers. Instead of exacerbating the problem by discarding clothes you no longer wear, consider donating them to charity shops or homeless shelters. This reduces clothing waste and lessens the burden on landfills and incinerators. If your clothes are too worn to donate, you can repurpose them as cleaning rags.

5. Shop at Farmers Markets

There are many benefits to this activity. Firstly, spring offers a variety of fresh fruits to savor. Secondly, supporting smallholders and family farms helps them sustain their livelihoods, safeguard rural communities, and preserve agricultural traditions. Lastly, products at farmers markets are usually minimally packaged, reducing plastic and packaging waste and aiding in reducing environmental pollution.

Farmer market goods

6. Join a Litter Clean-up Event

Participating in litter clean-up events helps reduce pollution in land, waterways, and wildlife habitats, maintaining the health and balance of ecosystems. You can assist in restoring the beauty of parks and other public spaces. If walking long distances is challenging for you, consider using a 4 wheel rollator walker with a seat. It not only aids in mobility but also provides a seat for resting when needed.

7. Energy Conservation Every Day at Home

  • Efficient lighting usage: Utilize natural light, turn off unnecessary lights, and switch to LED bulbs or energy-efficient tubes to reduce energy consumption.
  • Temperature control: Adjust indoor temperatures appropriately, dress seasonally, and reduce the use of air conditioning and heating to lower energy consumption.
  • Water conservation: Fix leaky faucets, use washing machines and dishwashers efficiently to reduce water usage.
  • Renewable energy development: Consider installing solar panels or wind turbines to harness renewable energy and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Turn off standby devices: Power off TVs, computers, and other devices instead of leaving them in standby mode to avoid unnecessary energy waste.

8. Create Artwork Using Recyclable Materials

Transform waste materials into art treasures and create Earth Day masterpieces. Try making a tree picture using egg cartons by cutting and painting each cup green, then sticking them onto a canvas. Simply add a brown tree trunk and any final touches.

Artwork using recyclable materials

9. Make a Homemade Wildlife Feeder

Craft feeders for neighbors like birds or squirrels to nurture your natural surroundings. Simply fill an empty milk carton or plastic bottle with food. Watching feathered or furry friends flock to your yard will surely bring smiles to you and your grandchildren's faces.

10. Participate in Environmental Awareness Campaigns

You could participate in the town's environmental campaigns. For elderly individuals with mobility challenges, you might choose an electric lightweight wheelchair to lend you a hand. Most electric wheelchairs can operate without electricity and can be propelled manually by caregivers. This is beneficial for elderly individuals or those with conditions like Parkinson's disease or Multiple Sclerosis who lack strength. Choosing a foldable lightweight electric wheelchair facilitates mobility, making it easier to participate in Earth-saving activities.

11. Go Paperless

Reduce reliance on paper to help conserve trees. On Earth Day, take time to switch settings so that financial and bank statements are sent to you online rather than by mail. Then consider integrating this practice into your daily life, whether it's opting for electronic bill payments, choosing emailed receipts instead of printed ones, or even using digital planners.

12. Host a Seedling Exchange Event

Bring seedlings you've grown to the event and swap them with others' growing plants. This not only enriches your gardening variety but also allows you to share the joy and experience of planting with others. Additionally, seedling exchange events help raise awareness of plant diversity and ecological conservation, fostering environmental consciousness.

13. Reduce Plastic Usage

Commit to reducing the impact of single-use plastics by creating a plan to gradually decrease plastic pollution. Whether it's a monthly or weekly plan, complete tasks to reduce plastic usage.

reduce plastic pollution

14. Raise Environmental Awareness

  • Environmental book club: Organize regular environmental book club meetings, inviting experts or enthusiasts to share environmental knowledge and recommending relevant books for participants to read.
  • Read environmental magazines and journals: Subscribe to environmental magazines and journals to stay updated on the latest environmental research, trends, and technologies, deepening your understanding of environmental issues.
  • Children's environmental education books: Provide children with environmental-themed picture books, storybooks, and science books to cultivate their environmental awareness and sense of responsibility.

15. Make Special Earth Day Snacks with Family

Create earth-friendly snacks with your family and share them online. While enjoying this activity together, spread awareness about protecting the environment.

  • Vegetable rolls: Cut purple cabbage, carrots, and cucumbers into strips. Soften rice paper in warm water, then lay it flat. Place vegetable strips and sesame sauce on the rice paper, roll it up, and cut into small pieces.
  • Fruit salad cups: Wash all fruits, cut them into small pieces, mix them in a cup, blend well, and add a little honey for flavor.


You can also document these Earth Day activities for the elderly, post them online, and encourage your friends and others to participate in protecting the earth. For seniors participating in outdoor Earth Day activities, we also recommend using seniors mobility aids, such as a lightweight power wheelchair or a 4 wheel rollator walker, to lighten the travel burden.

And of course, we welcome everyone to join VOCIC Medical's 'Green Travel Gain More Ground' event on Facebook. Just come and comment with your eco-friendly travel images and the city name. By doing so, you'll have the chance to become a VOCIC experience officer. This role grants individuals the privilege of being among the first to experience VOCIC's latest products. The deadline is April 28th, so get involved on Earth Day 2024, and let's protect the earth together!

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